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Hultafors: All Purpose Knife

This affordable all-purpose fixed blade fits a carbon-steel blade within a super-durable polypropylene handle. Comes with a black polypropylene sheath.

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Back in math class, did you ever get a test question wrong just because you misplaced the decimal point?

We sure did. And we did it again last week—that’s why we now have ten times more Hultafors knives than we expect to sell this quarter. So to clear out the warehouse, we’re giving away a free knife with every order over $50.

Until we run out of knives, that is.

The Hultafors All Purpose is exactly the sort of knife you toss in your tool drawer for emergencies.

They’re nice knives, too. Their 3.6″ stainless steel blades are housed in grippy plastic handles, and each comes with a wearable polypropylene sheath.

Our founder has tested his Hultafors extensively, and he found that it held its edge and its setting even after weeks of heavy use. Though they aren’t exactly works of fine art, we consider Hultafors knives worthy tools for inclusion in any emergency kit or go bag.

And like we said before—today, they’re free. So in addition to the 20-30% discounts we’re currently offering for our holiday sale, your order will come with a solid gift for your co-worker, tennis buddy, or least favorite family member.

All three items listed below qualify for the sale, as do about a dozen other pieces in our shop.

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SlideBelts: Survival Belt

The Survival Belt's buckle contains an LED flashlight, a ferrocerium firestarter rod, a bottle opener, and a fold-out stainless steel knife. It looks cool, too.

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Kammok: Roo Hammock

This comfortable two-person camping hammock is easily the best on the market.

$99.00 $79.00
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Belmont: Legacy Adventure Blanket

Hand sewn in Portland, this Pendleton blanket is 100% waterproof. Seriously.


We also sell a whole bunch of other stuff, of course. Hit the button below to see our full inventory of survival and outdoor sports and essentials.

And remember: this week, most items are 20-30% off regular price.



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