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The Campfire just got an upgrade

For all their charms, campfires are extremely inefficient. They’re great for bonding moments and for s’more cooking, but if you actually need a wood fire for cooking or for warmth, the traditional campfire just isn’t your best option.

You’d be better off with the Solo Stove. This futuristic wood-fired stove is hyper fuel efficient, and its convection system produces far less smoke than a traditional campfire.

The Solo Stove looks like a fire in a bucket, and it sort of is. But that “bucket” is actually a double-walled convection system, and the updraft it produces allows for biomass to burn stronger for longer.

It works like his: holes on the bottom of the stove draw cold air into a chamber that surrounds the flame. As that air heats, it’s pulled up the walls and out additional ventilation ports around the inside of the top of the stove.

The resulting burst of preheated air causes a secondary combustion near the tip of the flame, which burns the particles in the smoke. The result is a hotter, more efficient flame and far less smoke.

A heat shield on the bottom of the stove protects the ground beneath it from charring (another advantage over traditional campfires). An angled lip at the top supports pots and pans, and further directs heat toward them.

We sell three different sizes of Solo Stove, each with the same design. The nine-ounce Solo Stove Lite is perfect for ultralight backpackers, while the larger Titan and Campfire models are better for car campers or tailgaters.

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Solo Stove: Campfire

Designed for use by four or more people, the Solo Stove Campfire is the largest of the three Solo Stoves available.


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