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Brenna Stevens

These comics get the hiking life

"Boots McFarland" captures long-distance hiking in all its sweaty, soggy, hairy glory.

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Section: Stories

SurvivalMitch Harris

Holy sh*t, Man Vs. Wild actually saved someone

Last week, a British man survived three days alone in the Australian Outback. He says Bear Grylls taught him how to do it.

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SurvivalStacey McKenna

Cast away for 76 days

Steven Callahan spent 11 weeks adrift in the Atlantic Ocean. And he didn't die.

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SurvivalStacey McKenna

The man who survived at -76 degrees [graphic images]

Nigel Vardy literally lost a part of himself in a storm on Denali's West Rib. But that hasn't stopped his climbing career.

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TravelJan Bennett

The hardest ride of Lael Wilcox’s life

Bikepacking legend Lael Wilcox recently snagged the Fastest Known Ride on Mexico's Baja Divide route. It wasn't easy.

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TravelStacey McKenna

Women are reclaiming the adventure story

For too long, adventurous women have been portrayed as damaged goods or as victims on the run. A new batch of adventure memoirs looks to change those frames.

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ShootKevin Linderman

The bittersweet close of upland hunting season

For Kevin Linderman, upland hunting isn't just a great way to bag fresh poultry. It's a moving meditation on patience, loyalty, and tradition.

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TravelBrad Shannon

Yukigassen is our new favorite sport

It's like dodgeball meets paintball meets capture the flag... but with snowballs. And it's Japanese (of course).

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TravelRenee Howard

Travelogue: 24 days in the Grand Canyon

Rafting the Grand Canyon is on every adventurer's bucket list... but checking it off takes some real grit.

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CycleAndrew Winohradsky

What’s the deal with fat bikes?

Fat tires used to be a sort of novelty, but now they seem to be everywhere. In this piece, bike pro Andrew Winohradsky breaks down the market forces behind the trend.

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CycleKevin Linderman

Interview: Is the 24-hour race doomed?

Twenty-four hour mountain bike races are fading in popularity. Kathy Duryea wants to save them.

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