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Mitch Harris

Be ready for tornado season

Every year, dozens of Americans are killed by tornadoes. Here's how to not be one of them.

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Section: Staff Picks

AdventureJan Bennett

Bikepacking Cuba’s “Ruta Mala”

Even under Trump's new rules, Cuba is now open to American travelers. And for cyclists, a new 860-mile route offers an intimate tour of the island's countryside.

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WellnessMorris Brossette

This 45-minute workout will kick your ass

No time to get to the gym and no workout gear at home? Mix in this 45-minute workout routine.

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SurvivalMitch Harris

7 must-have items for your go bag

When disaster hits, you probably won't have time to pack. Keep these seven things packed and ready in a "Go bag."

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TravelStacey McKenna

Women are reclaiming the adventure story

For too long, adventurous women have been portrayed as damaged goods or as victims on the run. A new batch of adventure memoirs looks to change those frames.

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SurvivalRenee Howard

3 common gear fails (and how to fix them)

Eventually, your gear will fail. Thankfully, Renee Howard knows how to fix it.

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SurvivalRenee Howard

How one man fought off a Kodiak bear

Armed with a four-inch Buck knife, 69-year-old Gene Moe fought a 750-lb Kodiak brown bear to the death... and won.

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