Staff Picks — Justin Park

6 ways to camp like a caveman

Sick of the gear world's obsession with shedding ounces? You'll find an ally in primitive camping evangelist David Canterbury.

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Staff Picks

WellnessRenee Howard

Recipe: Homemade Jerky, Alaska Style

Store-bought jerky is a rip-off. All you need to make something better is a few spices and an oven. And meat, of course.

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TravelLindsay Nieminen

Jordan’s best eco-tourism (not Petra)

The Kingdom of Jordan did eco-tourism way, way before it was cool. In this piece, guest writer Lindsay Nieminen reviews the country's coolest spots... excluding Petra, of course.

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WellnessMorris Brossette

Want to run far? Lift heavy.

Giant and personal trainer Morris Brossette explains why endurance athletes need weight training and shares his favorite moves.

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SurviveRenee Howard

3 tips to stay murder-proof

Trails are usually safe spaces, but not always. Carry these three items in case they aren't.

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SurviveMatt Minich

5 ways to not die

We're into living. So we asked a guru from the famed Boulder Outdoor Survival School for his essential wilderness survival tips. They're not as sexy as you might think.

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