Staff Picks — Alix Brossette

Snacks that don’t suck

Sticking to a healthy diet is never easy, but it's particularly tough around snack time. In this piece, nutritionist Alix Barth-Brossette suggests some healthy options for the peckish.

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Staff Picks

AlpineEric Hockman

Making the everyman’s adventure-mobile

The internet is awash in "livable" vans and trucks. Eric Hockman built one that fits the Shoulders of Giants ethos: simple, cheap, and effective.

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CycleAndrew Winohradsky

What’s the deal with fat bikes?

Fat tires used to be a sort of novelty, but now they seem to be everywhere. In this piece, bike pro Andrew Winohradsky breaks down the market forces behind the trend.

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CycleJan Bennett

4 beginner-friendly rides in Moab

Moab is famous for its technical MTB terrain, but the area has plenty to offer beginner/intermediate riders as well. In this piece, Jan Bennett rounds up her four favorite Moab moderates.

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WellnessJustin Park

This cookbook will change your venison game

Chef Hank Shaw is among the best in the world at cooking wild game. He sat down with Giant Justin Park to share some wisdom and a recipe from his latest book.

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SurviveRenee Howard

3 common gear fails (and how to fix them)

Eventually, your gear will fail. Giant Renee Howard explains what to do when it does.

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