Staff Picks — Stewart Moore

Earth-friendly snowboards are here at last.

Most snowboards are environmental disasters, but one Salt Lake City company is trying to change the game.

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Staff Picks

SurviveRenee Howard

Ninety Days of Wild Alaskan Bounty

Do you dream of living on the land? Sit in with Nancy and Fredrick as we learn about their summer of living off the land of Alaska.

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SurviveKevin Linderman

Video: Shoulders of Giants Fire Starters Part 1

If there's anyone you want to learn survival skills from, it's Jeff Houston. In this video series, he teaches his favorite firestarting methods.

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WellnessEric Hockman

Campfire Gourmet: Citrus Salmon a la Moab

Trust me when I say, this meal was worthy of any food critic’s most discerning taste buds.

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TravelMatt Minich

4 tropical island hikes

There's more to the island life than white sand beaches and fruity beverages. In this piece, we rounded up four great hikes in paradise.

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ShootKevin Linderman

Talking with Giants: John Wayne Walding

Decorated Green Beret sniper, entrepreneur, and American hero John Wayne Walding sits down with Shoulders of Giants to talk sacrifice, persistence, NASCAR, and his sweet new ride.

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