Lessons Learned — Brad Shannon

How to not get struck by lightning

No, going to church isn't enough. Our writer asked three lightning experts how to stay alive in a storm. 

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Lessons Learned

SurviveBrad Shannon

Don’t die alone in the desert

Hundreds of people die every year in America's deserts. Follow these six tips to avoid becoming one of them.

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EnduranceStewart Moore

7 reasons to choose a short thru-hike

So you want to hike from Canada to Mexico? We've got seven reasons you should try a shorter trip first.

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TravelStacey McKenna

Before Airbnb, Cuba had Casas Particulares

Homestays and cultural immersion are longstanding traditions in Cuba, but their days may be numbered.

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CycleAndrew Winohradsky

How to fly with your bike (Part 2)

Packing your bike for air travel? Follow these tips to make sure it survives the trip.

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WellnessMike Powers

A black belt’s 6 tips to avoid injury

In many ways, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter Mike Powers gets hurt for a living. Over his 18-year career, he's developed a simple, effective system for keeping those injuries minor.

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CycleJan Bennett

The route I’ll never race

The hottest new route in bikepacking is Mexico's 1,700-mile Baja Divide. As Jan Bennet writes, it's not a trip that should be rushed.

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TravelMolly McCowan

Itinerary: Peru for less than $2k

Change your life without breaking the bank with this affordable two-week travel plan.

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ShootKevin Linderman

The bittersweet close of upland hunting season

For Kevin Linderman, upland hunting isn't just a great way to bag fresh poultry. It's a moving meditation on patience, loyalty, and tradition.

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AlpineRenee Howard

How to Ski Alaska (without selling a kidney)

You don’t need a helicopter to ski the Chugach. In this piece, Alaskan Renee Howard explains how to shred The Last Frontier on a budget.

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