Lessons Learned — Renee Howard

How to Ski Alaska (without selling a kidney)

You don’t need a helicopter to ski the Chugach. In this piece, Alaskan Renee Howard explains how to shred The Last Frontier on a budget.

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Lessons Learned

CycleRoxanne Trujillo

What you need to bike all winter

You know those people who bike to work all year? They aren't crazy... they just have the right gear. In this piece, bike pro Roxanne Trujillo breaks down what it takes.

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AlpineEric Hockman

Making the everyman’s adventure-mobile

The internet is awash in "livable" vans and trucks. Eric Hockman built one that fits the Shoulders of Giants ethos: simple, cheap, and effective.

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ShootJustin Park

Why I butcher my own kills

Butchering an animal is messy in every sense of the word. In this piece, Justin Park explains why it's worth all the trouble.

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CycleJan Bennett

4 beginner-friendly rides in Moab

Moab is famous for its technical MTB terrain, but the area has plenty to offer beginner/intermediate riders as well. In this piece, Jan Bennett rounds up her four favorite Moab moderates.

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ShootJustin Park

Best of 2016: On the hunting tribe

Hunting is not the easiest way to fill a freezer with meat. In this piece, Justin Park examines how deep interpersonal bonds make it worth all the trouble.

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WellnessRenee Howard

How to pick the perfect boot

Good boots can make or break an adventure. In this piece, Renee Howard breaks down exactly what it takes to choose the right pair for your feet.

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EnduranceStewart Moore

How to pack light… sort of

Stewart Moore hikes for hundreds of miles, but he's no ultralight fanatic. He advocates (and explains) a packing technique that cuts weight without sacrificing too much comfort.

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FishStewart Moore

Tenkara fishing the Pacific Crest Trail

Guest writer Stewart Moore takes his Tenkara rod deep, deep into the Sierra Mountains.

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FishEric Jackson

Fish and Boating in the Yampa Valley: Part 4

In the final part of this four-part series, Giant Eric Jackson fights the fish of a lifetime.

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