Hacks — Mattie Schuler

Never get cold feet again

Cold feet don't have to be part of the skiing experience. Writer Mattie Schuler sat down with a bootfitting expert to learn some simple tricks to keep the blood moving.

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ShootRenee Howard

Obliterating Clays: A Zen Approach To Accurate Shooting

After missing an all time high of fifty shots in a row, the cure for despair is the sound of a pump-action shotgun chambering a round and vaporizing the clay into a fine mist. Learn the Zen of clay shooting from our Alaskan resident Giant Renee Howard.

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SurviveDevon Balet

Wilderness First Aid: Why You Need To Take This Course

We as athletes and adventurers do countless things to set ourselves up for success. From having a training routine to having a nutritionist to making sure we have the best gear available to us. All these things we do to make sure everything goes right, but what happens when everything goes wrong?

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SurviveMatt Minich

3 knots you should know

Solid rope skills are the mark of a serious and capable outdoorsman (or woman). In this piece, we share three knots that escape the knowledge of even most Eagle Scouts.

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HacksMatt Minich

How to: Tie a Monkey’s Fist

Let’s be honest—the Monkey’s Fist is mostly just a cool-looking knot. It’s got a cool name, too, which is just as important. It also has a purpose, of course. The Monkey’s Fist is a “heaving knot”—it’s meant to make a rope easy to throw with distance and accuracy (just try tossing a rope without one). …

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HacksMatt Minich

How to: Tie a Spanish Bowline

Most of us have learned (and forgotten) the simple bowline a dozen times or more. It’s relatively easy to learn, and it can take all the tugging and pulling you can give it without tightening up and becoming difficult to untie. The Spanish Bowline is a rescuer’s variant on this staple. The knot produces two …

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HacksMatt Minich

How to: Tie a Slip Knot Trucker’s Hitch

The Slip Knot Trucker’s Hitch is easy to learn, and we’ve found at least one use for it on every trip we’ve taken in recent memory. The knot basically works like a ratchet strap. It can be used to affix boats, skis, or other gear to the roof of a car, or to tighten down …

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SurviveAndrew Slaton

Winter Camping/ Survival Basics

Ever camped in -20F? Ever slept on 6 feet of snow? Ever try to boil water when it's frozen? Winter camping is tough, but it's not impossible. In fact, you can even find some comfort when camping well below freezing.

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WellnessMorris Brossette

Video: Corrective Mobility Movements – Part 1

Watch our tutorial on how to improve your range of motion and mobility, so you can feel better during and after hard training sessions.

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EnduranceMorris Brossette

How to Conquer the Rope Climb

The most feared obstacle athletes face in a race: the (dreaded) rope climb. Learn how to proper train your body for the feat with easy-to-understand drills from our resident racer.

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FishEric Jackson

How to Find Fish With the Three C’s

How do you find fish in new waters you are unfamiliar with? The Three C's – current, cover, and cuisine – offer some insight into where trout survive and thrive, making your fishing trip more successful.

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