Hacks — Mattie Schuler

Never get cold feet again

Cold feet don't have to be part of the skiing experience. Writer Mattie Schuler sat down with a bootfitting expert to learn some simple tricks to keep the blood moving.

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WellnessMorris Brossette

How to set resolutions that stick

We'd all like to do a little better in 2017. In this piece, trainer Morriss Brossette explains how to set yourself up for success with health and fitness goals.

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ShootJustin Park

Shooting animals: photography for hunters

When Justin Park stalks an animal, it's often so he can kill it. But sometimes, all he brings home is a piece of art for the wall.

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BoardMorris Brossette

5 moves for bulletproof legs

Strength training is the surest way to prevent injury on the slopes. In this piece, trainer Mo Brossette shares his favorite moves for building solid, durable mountain legs.

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Around the web —

How to Skin Rabbits and Squirrels

Sure, there's more than one way. But these are the quickest, easiest techniques for skinning small game.

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SurviveRenee Howard

3 common gear fails (and how to fix them)

Eventually, your gear will fail. Giant Renee Howard explains what to do when it does.

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EnduranceMorris Brossette

3 moves for a faster upper body

Running is a full-body experience. Giant Mo Brossette shares three easy moves for runners that train above the hips.

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WellnessMorris Brossette

Want to run far? Lift heavy.

Giant and personal trainer Morris Brossette explains why endurance athletes need weight training and shares his favorite moves.

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Around the web — Wired

Paddle better with physics

Want to boost your stand-up paddleboard game? Physics can help.

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WellnessRenee Howard

3 fitness tips for big game hunters

A successful hunt takes more than good aim. Giant Renee Howard shares tips to get your body ready for the season.

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