Culture — Renee Howard

How to Ski Alaska (without selling a kidney)

You don’t need a helicopter to ski the Chugach. In this piece, Alaskan Renee Howard explains how to shred The Last Frontier on a budget.

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TravelMolly McCowan

How to not die in the Amazon

Peru's Amazon rainforest is not an easy place to stay alive. Travel writer Molly McCowan found it was worth the risk.

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TravelBrad Shannon

8 outdoorsy spots to pop the question

Planning to propose to your adventure partner? You're more likely to get a "yes" in these eight spots.

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TravelMatt Minich

4 places we’ll travel in 2017

We want to see the world. But because we have to see it one place at a time, we've narrowed our 2017 travel goals down to four must-do trips.

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TravelLindsay Nieminen

Jordan’s best eco-tourism (not Petra)

The Kingdom of Jordan did eco-tourism way, way before it was cool. In this piece, guest writer Lindsay Nieminen reviews the country's coolest spots... excluding Petra, of course.

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CultureMatt Minich

Our best writing of 2016

It's been a very, very long year. But at least we got some great writing out of it. In this piece, editor Matt Minich rounds up our best stories of 2016.

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CycleAndrew Winohradsky

What’s the deal with fat bikes?

Fat tires used to be a sort of novelty, but now they seem to be everywhere. In this piece, bike pro Andrew Winohradsky breaks down the market forces behind the trend.

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AlpineMatt Minich

Our favorite holiday craft beers

Lovers of spiced, high-gravity beers have lots to be thankful for this season. In this piece, Matt Minich rounds up six of 2016's best holiday seasonals.

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TravelMatt Minich

Moving to Canada? Move here.

Every election year, some folks pledge to move north of the border. So we rounded up a few of Canada's coolest outdoor adventure towns.

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AlpineStewart Moore

4 places to get your hut on

Your ski trip doesn't have to be about long lines and $20 burgers. Check out these backcountry huts for a more authentic alpine experience.

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