Culture — Roxanne Trujillo

Don’t be “that guy” at the crag

Rock climbers are not an uptight bunch, but even they have rules. Follow these seven guidelines to stay in everyone's good graces at your local spot.

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TravelMattie Schuler

The 5 best trips in Iceland

The Land of Fire and Ice is probably the hottest destination in adventure travel right now. So we sent a writer there to see what the fuss was about. What did she learn? That Iceland is awesome. 

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AlpineBrad Shannon

Inside America’s coldest, deadest race

Every year, one Colorado mountain town throws a three-day party for a dead body they keep in a shed.

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WellnessJustin Park

6 ways to camp like a caveman

Sick of the gear world's obsession with shedding ounces? You'll find an ally in primitive camping evangelist David Canterbury.

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Around the web — Climbing

Obituary: Royal Robbins (1935–2017)

On Tuesday, March 14, California rock-climbing and big-wall pioneer Royal Robbins passed away at age 82.

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AlpineStacey McKenna

Women are reclaiming the adventure story

For too long, adventurous women have been portrayed as damaged goods or as victims on the run. A new batch of adventure memoirs looks to change those frames.

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ShootKevin Linderman

The bittersweet close of upland hunting season

For Kevin Linderman, upland hunting isn't just a great way to bag fresh poultry. It's a moving meditation on patience, loyalty, and tradition.

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AlpineRenee Howard

How to Ski Alaska (without selling a kidney)

You don’t need a helicopter to ski the Chugach. In this piece, Alaskan Renee Howard explains how to shred The Last Frontier on a budget.

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TravelMolly McCowan

How to not die in the Amazon

Peru's Amazon rainforest is not an easy place to stay alive. Travel writer Molly McCowan found it was worth the risk.

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TravelBrad Shannon

8 outdoorsy spots to pop the question

Planning to propose to your adventure partner? You're more likely to get a "yes" in these eight spots.

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