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SlideBelts: Survival Belt


The Survival Belt’s buckle contains an LED flashlight, a ferrocerium firestarter rod, a bottle opener, and a fold-out stainless steel knife. It looks cool, too.


This is the outdoor adventure equivalent of Batman’s utility belt. Its buckle has a built-in bottle opener, LED flashlight, Ferrocerium fire starter rod, and a stainless steel folding knife. That knife is equipped with a locking mechanism that allows the user to open it with one hand.

  • Highly durable buckle made from glass-filled nylon and equipped with:
    • LED flashlight
    • Bottle opener
    • Ferrocerium firestarter rod
    • Folding, locking, heat-treated stainless steel knife with Nitride coating
  • Durable non-leather strap coated with TPU alloy. Complies with all US FDA skin sensitivity requirements
  • One size: fits up to 48″ waist. Trim to fit.
  • Survival Strap: 1.5” (3.8 cm) x 56″ (142 cm)
  • Survival Buckle: 1.96″ (4.99 cm) x 3.75″ (9.55 cm)

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