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Kammok: Down Insulated Koala

Kammok: Down Insulated Koala


This down hammock underquilt is designed for use with sleeping hammocks in cold climates (at or above 30°F).

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This down hammock underquilt is designed for use with sleeping hammocks in cold climates (at or above 30°F).

Constructed with Insotect Flow™ technology, the Koala™ regulates an even distribution of warmth through the use of Vertical Thermal Channels (VTC’s) and Flowgates™. Heat rapidly spreads through the underquilt to keep your body at optimal toastyness.

No two people are the same size, nor do two people sleep the same way in their hammock. CustomFit™ adjustments provide the perfect contour to your body, eliminating cold spots and maximizing your comfort.


  • Insulated with 750FP Downtek RSP/Water-Repellent down
  • Coated with DWR Finish
  • Built from Atmos™ ripstop nylon
  • Constructed with Insotect Flow™ heat distribution technology
  • Dimensions: 80” x 55” / 203cm x 139cm
  • Weight: 1.4375 lbs

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