The SHTF Bundle


Our SHTF Bundle has everything you'll need to survive when the fan collides with... you know.

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VSSL: First Aid


The aluminum cylinder of this LED flashlight is packed with first aid essentials. It's also fitted with a compass and emergency whistle.

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VSSL: Supplies


Whether you plan to be out for a few days or a few hours, having critical supplies in a compact weather-resistant case is an essential part of preparation.

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VSSL: Mini Cache


VSSL Mini Cache is a portable LED lantern with room to store your important supplies in a nearly indestructible aluminum cache.

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goTenna: Off-Grid Communication Tool


goTenna pairs with your iOS or Android device to enable texting and GPS location sharing in areas with no cell service.

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Wazoo: Adventure Survival Bracelet


The Adventure Survival Bracelet is basically a wearable survival kit. It comes with everything you need to trap game, catch fish, start fires, and more.

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Wazoo: Base Adventure Bracelet


The Base is Wazoo's simplest, lightest paracord survival bracelet.

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Wazoo: Zombie Survival Bracelet


This gory survival accessory is perfect for that friend of yours with the finely-honed zombie survival plan. You know the one.

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Vargo: Titanium Emergency Whistle with Clip


This titanium whistle weighs just 1/10th of an ounce, but it can be heard more than mile away.

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SlideBelts: Survival Belt


The Survival Belt's buckle contains an LED flashlight, a ferrocerium firestarter rod, a bottle opener, and a fold-out stainless steel knife. It looks cool, too.

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Vargo: Ultimate Fire Starter™


The Ultimate Fire Starter™ is like a cigarette lighter for primitive skills enthusiasts. It provides everything you need to start a roaring fire except the fuel.

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Vargo: Titanium Flint Lighter


Vargo's Titanium Flint Lighter delivers a dependable spark in the most adverse conditions—even after getting doused with water.

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Pure2Go: Traveler’s Water Purification Kit


Pure2Go's filtration system can be used to drink water directly from streams or ponds or can be fitted to a hydration system. The travel kit includes that filter, a 27-ounce collapsible water bottle, and a carrying pouch.

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My Medic: MyFAK


This basic first aid kit can be used on any adventure—from a day at the park with the kids to a multi-day backpacking adventure.

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My Medic: The Solo


This is specially designed for solo adventurers. Its contents provide everything you'll need to treat most injuries in the backcountry, but nothing more.

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My Medic: Wake FAK


The waterproof Wake First Aid Kit has everything you need to treat the most common injuries on the river or the lake. And it floats, of course.

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We believe the most important element of the any-day adventure is not dying. When you venture out, sometimes you may be by yourself.

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