Backcountry Party Bundle


Our backcountry party bundle includes everything you need to host a (small) kegger in the backcountry.

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VSSL: Flask


Perfect for hiding booze. The handle of this LED flashlight can hold 10 ounces of your beverage of choice. It comes with an attached compass and two collapsible stainless steel shot glasses.

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DrinkTanks: 64 oz Insulated Growler


Keep up to 4 pints of your favorite brew fresh and cold or your coffee hot with the Shoulders of Giants 64 oz growler by DrinkTanks®.

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DrinkTanks: 128 oz Insulated Growler


Going to stay a while?  Our 128 oz Juggernaut growler from DrinkTanks® will keep 8 pints of beer icy cold and fresh for over 24 hours.

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DrinkTanks: Keg Cap™ Accessory Kit


The Keg Cap turns any DrinkTanks Growler into a personal keg.

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DrinkTanks: 6 Pack CO2 Cartridges


Use these CO2 cartridges with your Keg Cap System.  They are non-lubricated, threaded, 16 gram CO2 cartridges.

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Vargo: Insulated Stainless Steel Para-Bottle™ (Colors available)


The Insulated Stainless Steel Para-Bottle™ will keep your hot beverages hot for up to 12 hours and your cold ones cold for over 24.

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Vargo: Titanium 450 Travel Mug


This single-walled titanium travel mug can be used as a soup pot in the backcountry or a coffee cup at home.

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Vargo: Titanium Ti-Lite 750 Mug


This versatile mug is basically a one-piece ultralight cook system.

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Vargo: Titanium Ti-Lite 900 Mug


The larger version of Vargo's popular Titanium Ti-Lite Mug is better suited for group travel.

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Vargo: Titanium BOT – 700


The Bot -700 is built around a simple concept: use a lightweight, watertight container to pre-hydrate meals while hiking to save time, fuel, and improve taste.

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Pure2Go: Traveler’s Water Purification Kit


Pure2Go's filtration system can be used to drink water directly from streams or ponds or can be fitted to a hydration system. The travel kit includes that filter, a 27-ounce collapsible water bottle, and a carrying pouch.

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There’s no shortage of hydration systems on the market. So we tested, tested, and tested until we found the newest and best water purification systems, bottles, growlers and other liquid carriers for our store.

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