Kammok Bundle


This bundle includes 3 awesome Kammok products along with a Shoulders of Giants T-Shirt.

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Kammok: Roo Hammock

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This is the world's best camping hammock. It's incredibly comfortable, tear resistant, and can sleep two people who weigh up to 500 pounds.

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Kammok: Wallaby Hammock


The lightest Kammok hammock yet, the portable, packable Wallaby is ready for whatever shape your on-the-go adventure or low-key lounging takes.

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Kammok: Python Straps


The Kammok Python straps are 10 ft. daisy chain suspension straps that help you quickly and safely hang your Kammok Roo hammock from any tree, rock, post or anchor point.

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Kammok: Dragonfly


This ultra-light insect net is designed to offer 360° protection from mosquitoes and other disease-carrying insects.

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Kammok: Glider


The Glider™ hammock shelter features a fully integrated rainwater retention system, opening up new opportunities for water collection from the backyard to backcountry.

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Kammok: Insulated Firebelly (Down)


With 750 hydrophobic down feathers, this cordless heating blanket effortlessly fuses comfort with functionality.

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Kammok: Insulated Koala (Down)


This down hammock underquilt is designed for use with sleeping hammocks in cold climates (at or above 30°F).

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Once all the basic needs have been met, it sure doesn’t hurt to throw in a little comfort to your outdoor adventure.

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