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SurvivalStacey McKenna

The man who survived at -76 degrees [graphic images]

Nigel Vardy literally lost a part of himself in a storm on Denali’s West Rib. But that hasn’t stopped his climbing career.

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AdventureBrenna Stevens

These comics get the hiking life

“Boots McFarland” captures long-distance hiking in all its sweaty, soggy, hairy glory.

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AdventureMolly McCowan

America’s best section hikes

Don’t have time to hike the AT, PCT, or CDT? Us neither. Try these more manageable section hikes instead.

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AdventureRenee Howard

This all-mountain pack contains 0% B.S.

Cotopaxi’s Tarak 20L bag has all the features you’ll want for an alpine trip, and no extras.

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