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FishEric Jackson

How to Choose the Best Fly Fishing Line

There are literally hundreds of fly line choices on the market, but how do you choose the best brand and weight for your specific situation?

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SurvivalMitch Harris

Be ready for tornado season

Every year, dozens of Americans are killed by tornadoes. Here’s how to not be one of them.

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SurvivalMitch Harris

Be ready for a volcanic eruption

Though the U.S. is home to 169 active volcanoes, we haven’t seen a disastrous eruption since 1980. We wrote this guide in case that good luck runs out.

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AdventureStacey McKenna

In Haiti, an author finds that doing good isn’t easy

In her new memoir, Allison Coffelt uses her own trip through hurricane-ravaged Haiti to re-examine the ethics of international aid work.

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