Jeffrey Houston served as a Green Beret with United States Army Special Forces. As a Green Beret and a civilian, Jeff has spent a lot of time behind a gun and in the woods. Through both his military training and his continued education and experience post-military, Jeff has honed his skills in the areas of personal defense, firearms, and survival.

Jeff deployed multiple times to Iraq, and has excelled at completing various tactical shooting courses with both assault/tactical rifles and pistols. Jeff is a certified NRA Pistol Instructor and has completed pistol instructor courses under world champion Rob Leatham. Throughout the country, Jeff has utilized his Army Special Forces experience to deliver combat-proven, tactical weapon handling techniques to civilians and law enforcement personnel. He has trained foreign military and police units, U.S. Special Forces units, as well as domestic law enforcement personnel including FBI, ATF, DEA, and SWAT.

The wilderness and survival skills that Jeff has learned over the years come both from being a graduate of Army Special Forces SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) School and also from having spent countless nights in the woods of Colorado and North Carolina. Jeff lived at high altitudes in the Colorado Rockies during formative years of his childhood, and returned to Colorado post-military. He now resides in the Dallas, Texas area. Jeff is a Bronze Star recipient, earned while serving in Iraq in 2009.