Born and raised in Colorado and living in the outdoors with a bike between his legs and a camera in hand, Devon Balet discovered mountain biking after he started working at a bike shop at the age 14. As a mechanic, he put himself through college (Colorado Mountain College, Professional Photography) and supported his dreams of becoming a full-time freelance photographer. After being fired from his job for the first time at the age of 27, he decided it was time to go for it and hasn’t looked back since. “I have the honor of calling what I do work: riding bikes and shooting photos of people riding bikes. I’ve even been known to write some good words,” Devon says. “I feel blessed to do what I do each and every day.” Now, his passion for riding has turned into a desire to see how far and fast he can really go. 2016 will be the year of being an athlete, all while pursuing the things that drive his inner passions. His portfolio can be found at