I feel like I need to pinch myself all the time. “Work” for me is getting to coach people on how to live a healthy lifestyle and better yet, how to sustain the new lifestyle they find along the way! Instead of crash diets and six week workout plans, I would rather establish life-long habits with moderation and finding health within each individuals balance and boundaries. I started gaining experience in nutrition at an early age thanks to a battle with anorexia. Through that, I developed an absolute passion and heart for sharing my story and educating others so that just maybe I can help at least one person who is battling with the same issue or, best case scenario, I can prevent the battle from starting altogether. I’ve fallen in love with the health and wellness industry and since I became a personal trainer, I’ve obtained my license in nutrition as well. This is where my heart is now and forever. The last thing you MUST know about me is I have some crazy, curly, hair! It is my trademark. It renders the perfect vibe for who I am — lots of energy, depth and discipline, which when tamed is inspiring and when wound tight (like my curls) is my driving force.