Endurance — Stewart Moore

7 reasons to choose a short thru-hike

So you want to hike from Canada to Mexico? We've got seven reasons you should try a shorter trip first.

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Gear ReviewsStewart Moore

This week in gear: 4 ways to go ultra-light

Light backpacks make happy backpackers. So this week, long distance hiker Stewart Moore rounded up four pieces of gear that shave some major ounces.

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Gear ReviewsStewart Moore

This week in gear: 5 must-haves for winter running

Promised yourself you'd run more in 2017? Stewart Moore rounded up five pieces of gear that will help you start today.

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Around the web — OutdoorGearLab.com

2016’s best trail running shoes

The pros at OutdoorGearLab tested 14 of this year's best trail running shoes. These were their favorites.

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Around the web — GearJunkie.com

Mud runs are too easy? Try this.

Obstacle courses are for weenies. Next year, the inaugural Canada Survival Run will test races against 62 miles of running, swimming, and scrambling through the wilderness.

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EnduranceJan Bennett

Why I biked 327 miles to Burning Man

Struggling with boredom, depression, and a general sense of unease? Giant Jan Bennett prescribes a six-day bikepack through the desert.

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EnduranceKevin Linderman

Gear review: YNOT Wildland Packing Pouch

Even a short day on the trail demands a lot of little items. The Wildland Packing Pouch makes it easier to pack sunglasses, gloves, snacks, and the like without losing or forgetting them.

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EnduranceMorris Brossette

3 moves for a faster upper body

Running is a full-body experience. Giant Mo Brossette shares three easy moves for runners that train above the hips.

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EnduranceStewart Moore

How to pack light… sort of

Stewart Moore hikes for hundreds of miles, but he's no ultralight fanatic. He advocates (and explains) a packing technique that cuts weight without sacrificing too much comfort.

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WellnessMorris Brossette

Want to run far? Lift heavy.

Giant and personal trainer Morris Brossette explains why endurance athletes need weight training and shares his favorite moves.

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