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AdventureStacey McKenna

In Haiti, an author finds that doing good isn’t easy

In her new memoir, Allison Coffelt uses her own trip through hurricane-ravaged Haiti to re-examine the ethics of international aid work.

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Category: Climb

ClimbRoxanne Trujillo

Don’t be “that guy” at the crag

Rock climbers are not an uptight bunch, but even they have rules. Follow these seven guidelines to stay in everyone's good graces at your local spot.

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ClimbStewart Moore

New to ice climbing? Check out these ice fests.

Ice climbing festivals are the easiest way for newbies to get into our favorite sport. In this piece, Stewart Moore rounds up six of his personal favorites.

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ClimbRenee Howard

Gear Review: 3 adventure-ready boots

Giant Renee Howard has tested out lots of boots. In this piece, she shares the three pairs that held up the best.

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ClimbRoxanne Trujillo

Testarossa: You Want These Climbing Shoes

Is it odd, that I find climber's feet the most beautiful? I don’t dabble in those pedicures. My feet show that they are hard at work, and I like that. If you are in the market for climbing shoes, start here.

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CycleRoxanne Trujillo

Mothers: High End Threads For Your Kids?

We as adults put our clothing through the ringer, taking it to hell and back. We wash and repeat, but what about your kids? This Mother's Day, we give you our opinion on the subject from our female Giant, that is also a mother.

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TravelMatt Minich

Telluride’s Via Ferrata

Experience Telluride's Via Ferrata: a series of ladders, ledges, and cables that tours the cliffs above the mountain town for more than a mile.

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