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Shoulders of Giants is closed. Click here for more information
UncategorizedKevin Linderman

Sad but true…we are closed.

Today, unfortunately I am the bearer of sad news. Shoulders of Giants is closed for business. After 4 great years, it is finally time to move on to the next chapter. It's been a real pleasure being able to pursue my dream. I have truly enjoyed interacting with our customers, our content writers and our brands. To the content contributors, thank you for taking a chance on Shoulders of Giants and providing top quality content for our readers to enjoy. To our brands, also, thank you for taking a chance on us to represent your products. I apologize that I couldn't generate the volume we all thought was possible to achieve. And lastly to our customers, you took the biggest leap of faith of all. You bought from an unknown company selling predominantly unknown brands! That's awesome and proves you are early adopters and not afraid of trying something new. Best of luck to all. This adventure is over...a new one is about to begin. Kevin

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