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This week in gear: 4 pieces of mountain tech

In the outdoors, high-tech gizmos are always superfluous. But that doesn't mean they aren't fun.

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Around the web — KSBW News

Video: Bros surf flooded Santa Cruz

When your neighborhood floods, you shouldn't use your Prius to tow a wakeboard through the streets. But these kids did.

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Around the web — transworld snowboarding

Vail Resorts Just Bought Stowe Mountain

The biggest name in Colorado ski resorts is now coast-to-coast. Vail Resorts has officially bought Vermont's Stowe Mountain Resort.

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AlpineRenee Howard

How to Ski Alaska (without selling a kidney)

You don’t need a helicopter to ski the Chugach. In this piece, Alaskan Renee Howard explains how to shred The Last Frontier on a budget.

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Around the web — SUPthemag.com

Update: Paddler 3/4 of the Way Across Atlantic

Remember that guy who was trying to SUP across the Atlantic? He's still at it, and it's actually going pretty well.

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Around the web — highsnobiety.com

These boards really shine

If Ziggy Stardust was a skater, he'd ride one of these boards. Designer Nick Thomm's holographic skateboards are fitted with an iridescent surface on both sides.

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BoardStewart Moore

The Snow Show: Gear we’re watching

Every year, snow sports industry leaders show off their newest gear at a show in Colorado. Our own Stewart Moore was there to test it all out.

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Around the web — Transworld snowboarding

Snowboarding was born in… Turkey?

Yes, you read that right. The Turks have been surfing snow for hundreds (if not thousands) of years.

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HacksMattie Schuler

Never get cold feet again

Cold feet don't have to be part of the skiing experience. Writer Mattie Schuler sat down with a bootfitting expert to learn some simple tricks to keep the blood moving.

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Around the web — Transworld Snowboarding

How to snowboard Japan on the cheap

If a winter trip to Japan isn't on your bucket list, you add it now. And then you should check out these tips for getting there without breaking the bank.

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