01 Our Story

Shoulders of Giants is on a mission to provide unique and trustworthy content to our community of explorers and adventurers. We bring the experiences of others forward so that, if we listen, we can learn from them and avoid the same mistakes.

Our team of contributors is focused on bringing their experiences to the table so that we, the weekend warriors can learn from them. Additionally, our team is chartered with reaching out to the best of the best in the sporting categories we specialize in to bring you unique points of view from people that you know and trust.

02 Our Team

Kevin Linderman

Founder and CEO View Giant

Patrick Jacobs

Brand Partnership Director View Giant

Matt Minich

Editorial Director View Giant

Jan Bennett

Contributor: Cycling, Bikepacking, Touring View Giant

Morris Brossette

Contributor: Endurance Sports View Giant

Alix Barth-Brossette

Contributor: Coach, Nutritionist View Giant

Brad Shannon

Contributor: Survive, Travel View Giant

Molly McCowan

Contributor: Travel, Fishing View Giant

Stewart Moore

Contributor: Long-distance hiking, snowboarding View Giant

Mattie Schuler


Justin Park

Contributor: Hunting, Foraging, Spearfishing and Cooking View Giant

Renee Howard

Contributor: Wilderness Survival, Hunting, Shooting View Giant

Eric Hockman

Contributor: mountain biking, cycling mechanics, split boarding, ski/snowboard tuning, backcountry View Giant

Roxanne Trujillo

Contributor: Cycling, Climbing View Giant

Mitch Harris

Contributor: Every Day Carry View Giant

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03 Our Vision

With so much information on the Internet, what source do you trust? Shoulders of Giants aims to be your trusted source for all things outdoors.

Shoulders of Giants provides:

Organic content from vetted contributors.Interviews with leaders and winners bringing you the best of the best.Curated content from around the web.


04 Partners and Advertisers

Shoulders of Giants presents a unique opportunity for partners and advertisers to gain focused attention on their products and services within our key sporting categories. Our audience continues to grow everyday. Our contributors continue to get better and better every day, continuously striving to differentiate Shoulders of Giant from other online outdoor content providers. We are always interested in talking to partners and advertisers that want to get involved with Shoulders of Giants. Please contact:

[email protected]

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