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Survival / August 30, 2017

Please help Houston. Here’s how.

Written by: Kevin Linderman

To all of our Shoulders of Giants customers and subscribers, it is with great urgency that I ask you to not sit back and watch the devastation from Harvey on the news, but to stand up and get involved in any of the options outlined below that you can. You CAN make a difference. WE can make a difference.

Please ensure to conduct your own research when it comes to making donations during times like this. Unfortunately there are bottom feeders out there looking to capitalize on people’s generosity. We recommend checking out Charity Navigator as a place to get comfortable with the charities that are involved in the relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey.

Below is a list of organizations we recommend starting with, sorted by the services they provide.


Donate Cash:

Donate Blood

Donate Food:

Provide Shelter:

Save the Pets:

Donate Supplies:

This is a disaster that the Gulf Coast communities will be facing for days, weeks even months to come with all of the cleanup and rebuilding efforts. We thank you for taking this step and getting involved.

Photo courtesy of the Department of Defense. 

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