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Adventure / August 13, 2017

This is the only sleeping bag we’ll ever sell (probably)

Written by: Renee Howard

Until you’ve spent a night wide awake and shivering in the mountains, a sleeping bag is just a sleeping bag. But among those of us that have weathered soggy nights in the alpine, this seemingly simple piece of gear demands a second look. 

When examining a sleeping bag, I follow a few basic procedures. First, I forget about the bag’s “temperature rating”—I’ve been burned by these before, so I’ve learned to instead look at the bag’s weight, size, and fill. Heavier, bulkier bags are generally warmer… no matter what number is written on the side. And while down fill is about twice as light as synthetic, those feathers lose loft when wet. So in a rainstorm, traditional down bags are about as useful as a soggy newspaper.

Cotopaxi’s Sueño bag uses a relatively recent development in fill technology: hydrophobic down. The feathers are treated with a solution that repels water, allowing them to maintain loft when wet. When used in conjunction with the water-resistant 20D Nylon finish, that makes the 800-fill duck down bag pretty useful even on the soggiest of nights. And the down is certified as Responsible Down Standard, which means its been harvested ethically and sustainably.

The Sueno is lightweight (2lbs. 3 oz.), and it’s rated to 15 degrees. I’d say the temperature rating is accurate for this bag, but would bring a liner or extra layers if temps are actually going to hover at or just below 15 degrees if you tend to run cold when you sleep.

It also comes with some bonus features, such as:

  • A roomy cut for your feet
  • A draft collar, and full (but not claustrophobic) mummy for cold nights.
  • An integrated pillow pocket that solves the problem of having your pillow slip out from under your head all night long
  • An insulated media pocket (not because you need to take selfies ALL THE TIME, but more to keep your electronics warm so batteries don’t die on cold nights).

My two favorite features of this bag are the double zippers on the left and right sides and the “full unzip” option, which turns the bag into a flat blanket.The zipper design makes for easy access in and out of the bag and convenience when making coffee from the comfort of your cocoon. It also relieves the sense of entrapment felt when bound up in traditional mummy bags.

My overall impression is that the Sueño Sleeping Bag is constructed of high quality materials and proves to be true to it’s temperature rating. It’s light, compact, and definitely won’t leave you wet, cold and disappointed in the rain like it’s down predecessors. And it’s made by Cotopaxi, so proceeds from the sale go to poverty alleviation around the globe. 

We sell the Sueño in our shop for $349.95.

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Renee Howard

Renee is a photographer and writer based out of South-central Alaska. Her interest in bridging gaps between all manner of outdoor sports, philosophy, folk culture and backwoods artistry is a significant motivation for her work.

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