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Alpine / June 7, 2017

Our father’s day gift guide

Written by: Mitch Harris

Fatherhood is a practice of constant generosity. Our fathers spend years giving us their time, their resources, and their expertise—and they often ask for nothing in return.

So when it’s time for us to get something for them, it’s perfectly natural to come up short on ideas. That’s what articles like this one are for.

For grillmasters: The TemboTusk Skottle

Few traits are as widely shared by dads as the love of grilling. Its universality is matched only by disdain for road trip pit stops and a compulsion to reach the airport four hours early.

Which means your dad probably already has a grill. But he likely doesn’t have anything like the TemboTusk Skottle. Modeled after a traditional South African camp stove, the Skottle is basically a free-standing gas-powered wok. It’s a game-changer for any backyard/campground gourmand.

We sell the TemboTusk Skottle in our shop for $275

The Skottle stove is essentially a gas-powered wok mounted on a tripod.

The Solo Stove Campfire can cook food for four or more people with a smokeless wood flame.

… or the Solo Stove Campfire

Solo Stove products are beloved among outdoorsy techno-geeks. The wood-fired stoves are basically the campfires of the future—they’re designed with an airflow system that provides a super-efficient burn and a smokeless flame.

We sell three different sizes of Solo Stoves, but the Campfire is our pick for dads. It’s big enough to accommodate four or more people, and we sell it in our shop for $149.99.

For packrats: Tepui Duffels

Tepui’s Expedition Series duffels are the perfect gift for any guy with a car trunk full of gear. The durable, waterproof bags have a compartmentalized design that makes organizing easy whether the gear involved is car maintenance essentials or a full campground setup.

The $85 Tool Case is best suited for organizing jumper cables, tire irons, and road maps. The $225 Gear Container is ideal for those looking to organize a complete adventure base camp.

The $85 Tepui Tool Case makes it easy to organize essentials for your home or car.

The $225 Gear Container is a sturdy system for organizing serious volumes of equipment.

For tech heads: The Gotenna

Of the gear we sell at Shoulders of Giants, the goTenna is probably my personal favorite. When connected to any iOS or Android phone, the goTenna enables text messaging, GPS, and location sharing anywhere in the world—cell service or no. It’s basically a complete off-grid communication system that fits in a pants pocket.

We sell the goTenna units in pairs for $149.00. We also sell it with a packable battery and solar panel in our $299.99 Off-Grid Communication Bundle.

It doesn't look like much, but the goTenna completely upends the wilderness communication game.

Our off-grid communication bundle comes with two goTenna units, a packable solar panel and battery, and some Shoulders of Giants shwag.

For old-schoolers: Helle knives

In the modern world, most of us don’t really need to carry a knife around with us all the time. But well-made knives are still treasured artifacts, particularly among men.

Helle knives are crafted by knife lovers, for knife lovers. With triple-laminated stainless steel blades and striking, artfully-carved handles, these knives look great in hand or displayed on a desk or shelf. They work great, too—our knife testers have approved them for everything from fishing to buschraft.

We sell four Helle knives, which range in price from $99–$179.

The $134 Odel fits a triple-laminated stainless steel blade into a handle made from birch, staghorn, and leather.

The $149 Dokka is our only folding knife from Helle. Its triple-laminated stainless steel blade folds into a birch handle.

Want to suggest some new items for our shop? Pitch us at [email protected]

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Mitch Harris

Mitch Harris embraced the Every Day Carry trend long before it was cool. From the day he got his first pocket knife, Mitch has devoted himself to staying prepared for every eventuality. Through his position at Shoulders of Giants, he’s able to keep his kit stocked with the very newest and best EDC gear.

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