AdventureStewart Moore

I slept 40 nights in the Kammok Roo. And I’d do it again.

Our writer slept in a camping hammock for 40 days on the Appalachian Trail. And he's never going back to tents.

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SurvivalMitch Harris

6 must-have items for your car’s emergency kit

Every year, unprepared motorists die when their cars break down in remote areas. With a well-packed survival kit, you can avoid becoming one of them.

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TravelMolly McCowan

Baja’s 5 best adventures

Mexico's Baja Peninsula has no shortage of established tourist hotspots. But it also has some stuff worth visiting.

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AlpineMitch Harris

Our father’s day gift guide

Still haven't chosen a gift for Father's Day? We've got you covered.

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AdventureMitch Harris

4 must-have items for July 4

Want your Independence Day cookout / picnic / camping trip to go off without a hitch? Pack along these four pieces of gear.

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AdventureJustin Park

The 5 best adventures in the Azores

Portugal's Azores islands are not wildly popular with American travelers. But they should be. Just a four-hour flight from the east coast, they offer something for adventure travelers of all kinds.

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SurvivalBrad Shannon

How to not die in a crowd crush

In the wrong situation, even calm crowds can turn deadly. So we called some of the world's foremost experts to learn how to stay alive when things get cramped.

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AdventureMolly McCowan

The 5 best adventures in Spain

Spain is rightly famous as a cultural destination. But the country is also rich in outdoor adventure options.

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WellnessMike Powers

8 Life lessons Jiu Jitsu teaches

Jiu Jitsu is all about whupping ass. But the "gentle art" also teaches some lessons students can take outside the dojo.

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