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Adventure, Alpine / March 19, 2017

This week in gear: 4 must-have camp comforts

Written by: Stewart Moore

Somewhere after Safety and before Self-Actualization on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is Comfort.

Once basic needs like food, water, and shelter are met, pretty soon we find ourselves wanting to take a nap in a hammock or curl up on a couch with a warm blanket, which is why this week we bring you five pieces of gear that will help you take it easy on your adventures.


The Tentsile Connect Tree Tent

Tensile’s Connect Tree Tent in essentially a portable tree house for two people. While you’ll need three strong trees or boulders to set it up, the tree tent always gives you a flat sleeping surface as well as a peace of mind, knowing that you’ll never get flooded in wet conditions.

Got an extra buddy along for the journey? Just have them camp under you.

The Connect Tree Tent sells online for $450.


Belmont Hellagood Blanket

Are we surprised to see throwback blankets come out of Portland, Oregon? Not really. But Belmont Blankets aren’t just a hipster cliche. They’re a practical and modern spin on a classic. 

With one side fully waterproof fabric and the other plush fleece, the Hellagood regulates heat better than your standard throw. Use it as an extra layer for wet weather camping, a dew proof picnic bottom, or protection from spilt drinks during a Netflix session.

We sell the Hellagood blanket for $150 in our shop.

Kammok Roo Hammock

There are a few brands specializing in camping and adventure hammocks these days, but here are the things we like about Kammok’s Roo. The Roo is made from Lunarwave ripstop nylon, which is more durable and capable of holding 100 pounds more than ENO’s two-person hammock.

The Roo still only weights 24oz and comes with 2 climbing-grade carabineers and slings for set up ($35 worth of climbing gear). Still not convinced? Kammok also sells a handful of hammock accessories from rainflies to under quilts to fully equip you for a hammock adventure.

Right now the Roo is on sale our shop for just $70.


Helinox Chair One

Can you sit on the ground or on a log? Sure, but soccer moms know what they’re doing when they bring portable lawn chairs to events. Think on this: a chair that weights 2 pounds and can hold 320, Helinox’s Chair One packs down to 30cm lengthwise and offers hikers, cyclists, or any traveler a convenient way to take a load off.

Helinox also sells chair accessories like a duck feather seat warmer or a ground sheet to keep the chair legs from sinking into sand or snow. The Chair One won the Red Dot award for design excellence, has a place in Singapore’s International Design Museum, and sells online starting at $99.95.

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Stewart Moore

Stewart Moore is a writer and endurance athlete based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Originally from Alabama, Stewart has hiked over 1,000 solo miles, completing the Colorado Trail in 2015 and a 500+ mile trip linking the Tahoe Rim Trail and the John Muir Trail together via the Pacific Crest Trail in 2016. Outside of hiking, Stewart enjoys trail running, snowboarding, ice climbing, fly fishing, and yoga (subjects which he also finds himself writing about).

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