TravelMolly McCowan

Itinerary: Peru for less than $2k

Change your life without breaking the bank with this affordable two-week travel plan.

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AdventureJustin Park

6 ways to camp like a caveman

Sick of the gear world's obsession with shedding ounces? You'll find an ally in primitive camping evangelist David Canterbury.

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WellnessRenee Howard

How to make Jerky, Alaska Style

Store-bought jerky is a rip-off. All you need to make something better is a few spices and an oven. And meat, of course.

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WellnessMike Powers

A black belt’s 6 tips to avoid injury

In many ways, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter Mike Powers gets hurt for a living. Over his 18-year career, he's developed a simple, effective system for keeping those injuries minor.

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WellnessAlix Brossette

Recipe: Pumpkin Power Muffins

These Paleo-friendly muffins are an easy, healthy option for the grab-n-go workday breakfast.

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TravelAndrew Winohradsky

How to fly with your bike (part 1)

Traveling by air with your bike doesn't have to suck. With the right system, it can actually be a (relatively) cheap and efficient process.

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AlpineBrad Shannon

Inside America’s coldest, deadest race

Every year, one Colorado mountain town throws a three-day party for a dead body they keep in a shed.

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AlpineStewart Moore

This week in gear: 4 must-have camp comforts

Camping is meant to be primitive, but that doesn't mean it can't be comfortable. These four items help make any campground feel a little more like home.

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TravelJan Bennett

The route I’ll never race

The hottest new route in bikepacking is Mexico's 1,700-mile Baja Divide. As Jan Bennet writes, it's not a trip that should be rushed.

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WellnessAlix Brossette

Recipe: Paleo Apple Pie Bites

These simple paleo-friendly balls are a trail snack, and they can be made in just a few minutes.

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