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Adventure, Alpine / February 28, 2017

SOG Approved: Kammok Roo

Written by: Kevin Linderman

Have you seen the Bai Horse Whisperer commercial from last year’s Super Bowl? If you haven’t you should watch it before reading any further so you can understand what we mean when we say the Kammok Roo is “Too easy.”

You simply find a couple trees about 15 feet apart, wrap the Python Straps around the tree and slip the one end through the hole that best matches the size of the tree. Then attach the sturdy carabiners to the Python Straps…Too Easy.

I’ve tried a lot of camping hammocks, and most require some kind of special degree to get them set up and configured correctly. I love when companies embrace the K.I.S.S. principle (Keep It Simple Stupid), and the Kammok Roo is just that.

It takes all of about 30 seconds to set up the Roo and start lounging. The high-walls really add a nice protection in the wind and one could easily drop a sleeping bag in there and spend the night with some protection from the elements. Kammok makes some high quality down blankets (Koala and Firebelly) to set in the bottom of the Roo to provide some extra warmth and protection from the wind.

Of course if it precipitates in any way, you are SOL. That’s why they’ve made the Kammok Glider expressly for that reason. But on a nice starry night, on the beach, in the woods, in your backyard, wherever there are two steady poles of some kind about 15 feet away, the Kammok Roo fits perfectly.

No complaints from us. Simple and useful is what we are all about. We sell the Kammok Roo in our shop for $70. We are offering an awesome Kammok Bundle that includes the Roo, the Dragonfly and the Python Straps, plus a Shoulders of Giants tshirt for $174 as well.

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Kevin Linderman is the founder and Chief Adventure Officer for Shoulders of Giants. Kevin has spent his entire professional career in and around the field of information technology, but has always been an avid outdoor enthusiast and a seeker of knowledge.

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