Many of you probably resolved to avoid alcohol in the New Year. And we applaud that decision.

But these five pieces of gear weren’t built for those folks. They were designed for those people who want to booze in style and on the go.

The DrinkTank Growler/Mini-keg

Plenty of companies make 64oz growlers, enough to hold four pints of brew. But DrinkTank’s 128oz insulated growler doubles the standard capacity and keeps your favorite brew cold for 24 hours.

Worried about all that draft going flat? The Keg Cap Accessory Kit turns the extra large growler into a personal keg, injecting CO2 into the brew to keep it as fresh as when it came out of the tap.

DrinkTank’s 128oz Growler sells online for $109, and the Keg Cap Accessory Kit sells for $45.


The VSSL Flask


VSSL’s Flask package is a sort of one-stop shop for backcountry night life. Not only does it hold 10 ounces of spirits, but it contains two collapsible shot glasses and a 200-lumen flashlight.

All these features fit in an elegant, modern, nine-inch long tube just tow inches in diameter. Think of it as a sort of glow stick for grown-ups.

The VSSL Flask sells online for $72.50.

The Tiburon Wine Tote


The Tiburon Wine Tote features a divided, insulated interior for one bottle of your favorite grape juice and comes with two shatter-resistant glasses, a stopper, and opener.

It’s great for picnics, car camping, or a bike commute to a dinner party. An a adjustable webbing strap lets you wear it how you want.

The Tiburon Wine Tote sells online for $55.95.

The Six Pack Caddy

Traffic on the way to the package store? No parking at the party? No problem. Fyxation’s Six Pack Caddy allows you to transport six bottles or cans hands-free on your bike frame.

The caddy’s full-grain leather adjustable straps provide a safe ride for your cargo and have a 1930’s flare to help you celebrate the end of prohibition. Just remember to bike responsibly.

The Six Pack Caddy sells online for $64.95.

GSI’s nesting champagne flute

So you think you can drink bubbly out of just any old glass? Okay, maybe so, but back in the 1700’s the flute was specifically designed to retain the carbonation in champagne by minimizing exposed surface area.

GSI’s plastic, BPA-free flutes have a durable base that snaps into the rim when not in use for easy packing. This makes it possible to drink champagne right around camp without risking broken glass.

GSI’s Nesting Champagne Flutes sell online for $6.50.