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Gear Reviews / January 8, 2017

Have a lousy Christmas? Check out these 4 gifts for yourself.

Written by: Matt Minich

Great gifts are more than just cool new toys or tools. They’re also reminders that our friends and family love us, care for us, and know how to anticipate our wants and needs.

But not every gift is great. More often than not, the holiday season leaves us with a bunch of stuff we didn’t want and a sinking feeling that we are ultimately understood only by ourselves.

That’s a crappy feeling. So this week, we rounded up a few items from our store that we think will help fill the void.

The Tembotusk Skottle Grill Kit

For more than a century, hunters in the South African bush have cooked their meals on a wok-like stove called a Skottle. It’s a simple, durable device that can easily prepare food for a large group of people.

Now the folks at TemboTusk have repurposed the Skottle for use by the North American car camper. Their version of the stove connects an 18″ pan to a disposable Coleman propane canister. An adjustable tripod stand allows for a level cooking surface at almost any campsite.

Our food blogger, Alix Barth-Brossette, loved the Skottle so much she designed a recipe around it.

The stove sells in our store for $275.

The Rinse Kit

The Rinse Kit is not a sexy piece of gear. It’s basically a portable garden hose.

But for mountain bikers, shoulder-season hikers, and mud run enthusiasts, the Rinse Kit can be a real lifesaver. The two-gallon bucket can spray enough pressurized water to clean even the dirtiest piece of gear.

Our own Morris Brossette tested the kit. It sells in our store for $89.95.

The Pure2Go Traveler’s Kit

The outdoor adventure is awash in water purification systems. And most of them are pretty good at what they do.

But to our knowledge, none are as versatile as this kit from Pure2Go. The compact kit can purify water as a traditional hand-powered pump, as a gravity-fed drip, or as a filtered straw.

The kit was tested by our CEO, Kevin Linderman, last fall. It sells in our store for $59.99.

The YNOT Wildland Scout Backpack

YNOT’s Wildland Scout backpack is designed for the urban/wilderness interface. It’s burly enough to hold up to rain, mud, and thorns… but it doesn’t look silly in the airport or on a bike commute.

The Wildland Scout’s external pocket can be used to fit either a laptop or a hydration pouch. And the pack is easy to modify with additional pouches for extended trips.

Justin Park gave the Wildland Scout a rave review. We sell it for $299.99.

Still can’t find what you want? Email [email protected] to let us know what’s still on your wish list.

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Matt Minich

Matt Minich is Editorial Director for Shoulders of Giants. He has spent more than a decade writing, editing, and curating content about outdoor sports and adventure. As an adventure journalist he has climbed peaks in Patagonia, rappelled waterfalls in Colorado, B.A.S.E. jumped in Moab, and sampled fermented horse milk in Kyrgyzstan.

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