It’s that season again—when newspapers, web sites, t.v. shows, and pretty much all other media outlets repackage their best old content into year-end roundups.

These pieces allow editors to put their best foot forward in the final days of the year, and they take far less time and effort than original articles.

It’s admittedly sort of a cheap trick… but not one that we’re above. So to round out 2016, we’ve rounded up some of our best pieces of writing.


Stewart Moore’s 500-mile hike

Before we hired him on as a regular contributor, Stewart Moore came to us with a pitch. He’d just finished a three-week backpack in California, where he’d linked up three long trails to create a 500-mile backpacking trip. And better still—he’d spent the whole trip testing gear, fiddling with his diet, and learning new skills.

Basically, Stewart promised us informative narrative gold… and he delivered in spades. His test of the Paleo diet on the Tahoe Rim Trail, his experiments with Tenkara fishing on the PCT, and his packing wisdom from the John Muir Trail are all worth a read.


Jan Bennet’s ride to self-discovery

Like many of us, Jan Bennet did not have an easy 2016. A fall in May of 2015 had forced her out of the competitive cycling scene, and she struggled to find her rhythm in the non-competitive world.

So she rode her bike to Burning Man. And somewhere along that 327-mile ride through the Nevada desert, she remembered why she did it. Read it here.

Kevin Linderman learns to strip and set

Many fly fishers have learned the same lesson: when a fish is hooked, it’s best to apply pressure to it by keeping up the tip of your rod.

That’s what Shoulders of Giants Founder Kevin Linderman was taught, anyway. In this piece, he explained how he learned the error of his ways.

Roxanne Trujillo on putting kids in danger

All parents want to keep their children safe (okay… most parents). But a growing body of thought suggests that this impulse may do actually do kids more harm than good.

In her essay on the subject, mother/adventurer Roxanne Trujillo explains how she learned to let her kids walk on the wild side. Read it here.

Andrew Winohradsky breaks down the fat bike trend

Fat bikes took over our local trails before we even knew what has happening.

Thankfully, Andrew Winohradsky was paying attention. In this piece, he broke down the market forces behind the fat bike trend.

Morris Brossette’s guide to lifting for speed

When training for long-distance events, most athletes focus on putting in lots and lots of miles. But that’s not enough.

Strength trainer Morris Brossette recently trained a client for the infamous Leadville 100 trail run. In this piece, he explains how he used heavy weight lifting to boost his client’s performance.

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