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Gear Reviews / November 27, 2016

This week in gear: 4 pieces for the dogs

Written by: Stewart Moore

We love friends and family. But sometimes over the busy holiday season, all we really want is a short break from humanity.

That’s exactly what dogs are for. So this week, we rounded up four pieces of gear that make the great outdoors just a little friendlier for our best friends.


The Freeze Tag

In the quiet of the wilderness, the jingle-jangle of a dog’s collar scares off wildlife long before hikers have a chance to see them.

The Freeze Tag quiets that noise by elimining metal-on-metal contact between a dog’s collar loop and information tags. Capable of holding four standard-thickness tags of any shape, the Freeze Tag prevents multiple tags from clinking by pinching them together, but leaves all information accessible for a human viewer.

The Freeze Tag sells online for $9.99. This video shows it in action.

The Hurrta Summit Parka

The Hurrta’s Summit Parka was designed in Finland, which is not always a friendly place for short-haired dogs. The country shares its latitude with northern Alaska, so winter temperatures can get very, very low.

The water-resistant and adjustable parka minimizes the risk of hypothermia from wet fur, and insulates core muscle groups in the chest and abdomen. It’s also fitted with reflectors to make dogs easy to spot in those long sub-Arctic nights.

The parka sells online for $80. This video shows it in action.

The H2O 4K9

No, it’s not a robot. The H2O 4K9 is a water bottle specially designed for dogs. The bottle’s twist-top lid doubles as a bowl, and is designed with a canine drinking style in mind.

The 25-ounce stainless steel bottle fits in cup holders and backpack side pockets, making it ideal for road trips, hikes, or walks around the block.

The H2O 4K9 sells online for $16.99

The GoPro Fetch

GoPro’s Fetch dog-harness camera mount allows owners to see the world from their dog’s perspective. The harness can fit dogs ranging in size from 15-120 pounds, and has mounting locations for cameras on the back and chest.

Adjustment points are padded to keep pets comfortable, and the machine-washable fabric makes cleaning as easy as tossing it in the laundry.

The Fetch sells online for $39.99. This video shows it in action.

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Stewart Moore

Stewart Moore is a writer and endurance athlete based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Originally from Alabama, Stewart has hiked over 1,000 solo miles, completing the Colorado Trail in 2015 and a 500+ mile trip linking the Tahoe Rim Trail and the John Muir Trail together via the Pacific Crest Trail in 2016. Outside of hiking, Stewart enjoys trail running, snowboarding, ice climbing, fly fishing, and yoga (subjects which he also finds himself writing about).

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