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Gear Reviews / November 20, 2016

This week in gear: 4 pieces of winter eyewear

Written by: Stewart Moore

Winter isn’t easy on the eyes. Sunny days on the slopes can burn the corneas, while flat light can make navigation almost impossible.

It’s a season that demands proper eyewar. So this week we rounded up our four favorite ocular accessories.

Julbo’s Bivouak Glasses

Julbo made a name with its classic mountaineering glasses, but the company didn’t stop there. The new Bivouak glasses offer a modern take on that concept.

The market’s first glasses design with removable magnetic side shields, the Bivouak also features wide lenses for optimal coverage and adjustable temples for a custom fit. The glasses are available with three different lense types, and can be fitted with prescription lenses.

The Bivouak sells online from $125.


Zeal’s HD2 Camera Goggle

Zeal’s HD2 Camera Goggle offers a way to capture and share time on the mountain without a bulky GoPro helmet mount.

The camera has a 12 MP resolution, and is capable of shooting 1080P HD video. It’s equippped with features like time lapse, slow motion, and glove-friendly controls, and can transfer photo and video wirelessly to a smartphone. The goggles themselves are compatible with Zeal’s polarized Automatic Plus lenses, which adjust to changing light conditions.

The HD2 Camera Goggles sell online for $499.


Smith’s PivLock Arena Glasses

Smith’s new PivLock Arena glasses are a must-have for winter cycling. The shades’ lenses are equipped with Smith’s ChromaPop technology, which enhances clarity by filtering the crossovers between red, green, and blue light.

The glasses provide greater color distinction and definition, which is handy in flat winter light. They’re impact resistant and fitted with an adjustable nose pad.

The PivLock Arenas sell online for $189.


Native’s Backbowl Goggle

Inspired by the concaves of alpine basins, Native Eyewear’s new Backbowl Goggles have an oversized spherical lens and rimless frame to offer the widest possible field of vision.

Hypoallergenic foam and a spacious nose area offer all-day comfort, and a castor-derived biodegradable frame is more durable than traditional plastics. Snow-tuned with an anti-fog and  hydro/oleo-phobic coating, the two different lens colors offer a 15% difference in the amount of blocked visible light.

The Backbowl Goggles sell online for $129.

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Stewart Moore

Stewart Moore is a writer and endurance athlete based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Originally from Alabama, Stewart has hiked over 1,000 solo miles, completing the Colorado Trail in 2015 and a 500+ mile trip linking the Tahoe Rim Trail and the John Muir Trail together via the Pacific Crest Trail in 2016. Outside of hiking, Stewart enjoys trail running, snowboarding, ice climbing, fly fishing, and yoga (subjects which he also finds himself writing about).

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