AlpineRenee Howard

Gear Review: Fjallraven Keb Trousers

Renee Howard put a brand-new pair of trekking pants to the test in Denali National Park. Now, they're one of her favorite pieces of gear.

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WellnessRenee Howard

How to pick the perfect boot

Good boots can make or break an adventure. In this piece, Renee Howard breaks down exactly what it takes to choose the right pair for your feet.

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ClimbRenee Howard

Gear Review: 3 adventure-ready boots

Giant Renee Howard has tested out lots of boots. In this piece, she shares the three pairs that held up the best.

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EnduranceJan Bennett

Why I biked 327 miles to Burning Man

Struggling with boredom, depression, and a general sense of unease? Giant Jan Bennett prescribes a six-day bikepack through the desert.

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ShootJustin Park

Backcountry Gourmet: Feasts for hunting camps

Many hunters subsist on protein bars and freeze-dried foods on the hunt. Giant Justin Park thinks it doesn't have to be that way---in this piece, he shares three of his favorite gourmet camp foods.

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WellnessAlix Brossette

Recipe: Gluten free / grain free pumpkin muffins

There is such a thing as healthy pumpkin spice. Giant Alix Brossette shares a seasonal muffin recipe that's healthy enough to enjoy mid-adventure.

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