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Gear Reviews / October 30, 2016

This week in gear: 4 fire gadgets

Written by: Stewart Moore

Whether it’s a bonfire, a stove, or a pumpkin with a candle inside, fire has brought people together for a very, very long time.

So this week, we’re rounded up four fire accessories we love this fall.

The Bonfire Fire Pit

Featuring double-wall stainless steel and a specially designed airflow construction, Solo Stove’s newest Bonfire fire pit provides a remarkably efficient fire for the backyard, patio, or campground.

The award-winning company’s Bonfire helps your firewood last longer while emitting significantly less smoke. A great option for outdoor parties on chilly nights.

The Bonfire is still in the crowd-funding phase, and sells online for $249.

The BioLite Camp Stove

Biomass camping stoves have gotten big lately. They make use of free and readily available fuel sources, and new designs allow for quicker and hotter cooking fires.

Combining humanity’s oldest technology with some of its newest, BioLite’s CampStove delivers a reliable wood-burning, smoke-free cooking stove that also converts heat into electricity so you can charge a phone, GPS, or other devices out in the woods.

BioLite’s CampStove sells online for $129.

The UCO Candle Lantern

Gone are the days of your grandfather’s old propane lantern. While many companies have changed the game with rechargeable LED lanterns able to generate over 400 lumens, sometimes nostalgia for the soft glow of a fire makes us wish for a simpler time.

Enter UCO Gear’s Original Candle Lantern. Complete with a metal frame and glass chimney, the Candle Lantern is safe enough to use inside a tent and provides natural light for up to 9 hours per candle.

The Candle Lantern is available in different models and sells online starting at $19.99.


Imagine it: wet, cold, and tired after a long day of backpacking in the rain you desperately need a fire but can’t find any tinder dry enough to get one going. Luckily, you bought Exotac’s tinderZIP zipper pulls.

Exotac has developed a zipper pull with flammable and waterproof cores, ideal for using in an emergency situation when you least expect it. These zipper pulls can provide just enough flame to get a fire going—put them on your pack and forget about them until you really need them.

Exotac’s tinderZIPs sell online in packs of five for $8.95.

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Stewart Moore

Stewart Moore is a writer and endurance athlete based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Originally from Alabama, Stewart has hiked over 1,000 solo miles, completing the Colorado Trail in 2015 and a 500+ mile trip linking the Tahoe Rim Trail and the John Muir Trail together via the Pacific Crest Trail in 2016. Outside of hiking, Stewart enjoys trail running, snowboarding, ice climbing, fly fishing, and yoga (subjects which he also finds himself writing about).

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