Picture this: it’s a sunny Southern California day, and you’re carving down Pacific Drive on your brand-new see-through longboard. You look good. You feel good. People are impressed.

Then, for some reason, someone starts shooting at you with a .22 caliber rifle. Maybe because they’re jealous of your new sled—you don’t know.

Thankfully, the deck of your new Jelly Skateboard is made from the same thermoplastic polymer used in bulletproof glass. You hold it up as a shield and escape to shred another day.

That could happen… maybe. But it’s not the reason founders Sven Alwerud and Cody Leuck chose combat-ready materials for their new skateboard line.

Sven and Cody were skate-obsessed teens who spent their weekends building custom boards in a garage. They first got the idea to make a clear board when Sven’s dad, a robotics engineer, brought home a sheet of bulletproof glass.

They created the first Jelly boards from that glass as a once-off gimmick. But when Sven took his to college, he got dozens of requests from his classmates for boards of their own. With that informal market research and Cody’s new engineering degree, the duo launched Jelly Boards in 2012.

The 34" Man O' War longboard.
The 26" Kingslayer shortboard.

While a clear skateboard provides reason enough to try out a Jelly board, the bulletproof glass composite also translates to practical durability and performance. The flexibility of the deck material makes Jelly’s boards nearly indestructible—they can survive being smashed against a rail or run over by a car.

With more elasticity than traditional wood or bamboo composites, the Jelly flex offers a unique riding experience. Superior shock absorption couples with unparalleled rebound from the base of your pump to give the boards a smooth, surf-like flow.

Jelly currently has two boards available as decks or completes. The 34″ Man O’ War longboard ($214.95), and the 26″ Kingslayer shortboard ($184.95). Both are made in the USA from 100% recyclable material and come with a six month no-questions-asked warranty.

The boards are equipped with Block Risers’ easy interchangeable insert system, which allows riders to stash a key or mount a GoPro.