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Adventure, Alpine / October 9, 2016

Gear Review: Fjallraven Keb Trousers

Written by: Renee Howard

If I could only have one pair of pants, I’d want the Keb Technical Trekking Pants. Made by Sweden’s Fjallraven company, the pants are versatile and durable enough for bearded woodsmen and weekend mountaineers like.

I recently wore mine on a caribou hunting trip in Denali, where I tested them against a wide range of wilderness scenarios. At every turn, they performed better than any trekking pants I’ve used before.

Fit: In the U.S., we’ve long since resigned ourselves to drawstrings and crummy elastic waistbands. But Europeans understand the importance of properly fitted clothing for both form and function. So Fjallraven‘s online shop uses a “fit finder” that uses height, weight, and desired fit to select the right pair of hiking pants.

The fit of the seat and knees are “pre-shaped” for dynamic movement. That means no more busting the crotch of your pants leaping over logs, or feeling water trickling into the the top of your boot from your pant cuff every time you bend your knee.

Material: Keb trousers are made with durable G-1000 Eco fabric reinforced through the front of the legs and the seat. It’s very tightly spun and impregnated with greenland wax, which you can re-apply yourself to maintain water resistance. Even when hiking in a flat-out downpour, I never got wet.


The ankles of the Keb pants can roll over boots to serve as gaiters.

The Keb pants have zippered pockets, buttoned pockets, and regular old pants pockets... but somehow they manage to not look like cargo pants.

Features: My favorite feature of the Keb pants are the pockets. They’re right where you need them. with just enough accessibility for those items you need in a pinch. There’s also a few buttons, zippers and pockets-within-pockets for things you can’t afford to lose (keys, hunting license, snacks.).

The boot cuffs function as gaiters, and come complete with a hook for your boot laces and an adjustable ankle cinch with snaps to secure the seal. That made a big difference when I was sinking deep in unexpected mud on the trail.

Functionality: These are not just great pants for hiking, but also for cross-country ski touring in winter. While not advisable for a full-on winter alpine expedition, these are perfect for a snowy day exploring trails with the right layering underneath.

I often look to the Swedes and Norwegians for good design. Across the board, their products—like the Fjallraven Keb Technical Trekking Pants—tend to have the longevity, quality, and function forged by the specific needs of a northern climate. It means gear fits like it should and lasts for many seasons of adventure filled fun.

The Keb Technical Trekking Pants sell online for $200.


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Renee Howard

Renee is a photographer and writer based out of South-central Alaska. Her interest in bridging gaps between all manner of outdoor sports, philosophy, folk culture and backwoods artistry is a significant motivation for her work.

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