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Uncategorized / September 11, 2016

This week in gear: Sept. 12-16

Written by: Jon Gaffney

We test and research a lot of gear at Shoulders of Giants—there’s just not enough room to give it all the in-depth coverage it deserves. It’s not like us to Bogart know-how, though. So every week, we round up a few items you absolutely need to know about.


MaxTrax MKII

When quitting time comes around Friday, we like to get off the beaten path. We also like to know that we’ll be able to get back on that path by EOD Sunday.

Maxtrax makes that easier. Their MKII is an elegant solution for tires that get stuck in sand or mud on that “totally solid” Forest Service road your buddy told you about. Just stick them under your tires, and the extra traction will enable self rescue.

The MKII stows easily in any 4WD vehicle. Get a pair for $299.


The Lucky Dragon Czech Pack

The Czech is a transformer. It starts as a small square of Cordura fabric with beefy YKK zippers that can be used as a slingback for EDC items.

Undo the center zipper, and it expands into a lightweight day pack with two front pockets. It’s perfect for those urban adventures that just might take a turn toward the outdoors.

Get it now for $90.


Boulder Denim Jeans

Good looking jeans often seemed reserved for people… leaner than us. Until Boulder Denim came along.

Funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, the company makes stylish jeans that fit athletic men and women and move with activity. The jeans are built with stretch that never loses its shape, a hydrophobic coating to shed light rain (or spilled beer), and reinforced stitching.

Preorder the jeans for $109.


The BBQ Toolbox

We prefer to grill with charcoal (sorry Hank Hill). But it’s just not feasible to take one camping or to the beach.

Unless you’ve got the BBQ Toolbox. It offers 8”x15” of charcoal cooking surface area, fold out legs to keep it up off the ground and air flowing, and stows away alongside out trunk toolbox when the BBQ is done. It’s a perfect trunk upgrade for tailgate season.

Order one now for $120.

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Jon Gaffney is a wanderer. A native of New England, his warm months are spent in pursuit of water activities and his cold months training for the warm months.

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