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Uncategorized / August 28, 2016

This week in gear: Aug. 29-Sept. 2

Written by: Jon Gaffney

We test and research a lot of gear at Shoulders of Giants—there’s just not enough room to give it all the in-depth coverage it deserves. It’s not like us to Bogart know-how, though. So every week, we round up a few items you absolutely need to know about.


Edgevale North Coast Shirt Jacket 2.0

We’ve used Edgevale’s original North Coast Shirt Jacket for years now, and it’s proven its worth. It’s warm, water-resistant, and stylish enough to wear in most bars.

This week, the company released the North Coast Shirt Jacket 2.0. It’s the same water-resistant knit shirt on the outside, with a micro-fleece interior and soft-shell membrane to block wind and water.

Edgevale has added new wide “quick draw” pockets and some small internal stash pockets.

The jackets are available for presale online at the discounted price of $189.


Miir Growler

Growler fills don’t get you most beer for your buck. But in the age of small-batch brewing, they’re often the only way to get the latest goods from your local microbrewery.

Miir’s insulated stainless steel growler puts the traditional brown glass dinosaur to shame. The growler’s double-vacuum walls keep beer cold for 24 hours, and a screwless top keeps carbonation locked in tight.

A portion of proceeds from Miir produces goes to support clear water projects around the work. So if you put it in a Miig, your post-hike beer is sort of like an act of philanthropy.

The growlers sell online for $54.95


Nice Pack Co. Midge Neck Pack

Some folks like bring every piece of their kit on every one of their fly fishing trips. We prefer to carry what we need.

The Nice Pack Co. has us covered with the Midge Neck Pack. It holds everything needed for a quick session on the river, and nothing that doesn’t.

The pack is small enough to fit in any standard fly box. We keep one handy in the car in case a passing river begs for a cast.

The Midge Neck Pack sells online for $35.


Scout Overland Kitchen

If you’re lucky enough to own a 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner, 05’-16’ Tacoma, or a Jeek JK 4-door then we’ve found your new camp kitchen.

Scout Overland designed their mobile kitchen to turn the back of your adventure vehicle into a mobile gourmet chef’s paradise.

Lockable storage keeps your stove, utensils, cutting boards, and supplies accessible and organized. A modular drawer system extends out like a transformer for a set up time in minutes.

The kitchens are custom, so you’ll have to call for pricing.


Thule Legend GoPro Case

Thule is known for roof racks, of course. But over the last few years, they’ve actually made some pretty solid packs. Their GoPro case is among them.

Transporting and organizing our GoPro with its innumerable small accessories has been a bear. The crushproof Legend case holds the camera, remote control, batteries, and plenty of SD cards. The internal foam can be customized based on your camera model, and can be removed and rinsed off.

The Legend case sells online for $39.95

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