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Adventure, Cycle / July 31, 2016

Photo Essay: Snowmass Demo Days

Written by: Seth Beckton

Smell that? Smells like new tires, coffee, pine trees, and dirt. It smells like aspen groves and fresh mountain air. It smells like… free stuff.

It smells like Snowmass Demo Days, when vendors demo their very best new gear at the Colorado resort. I showed up this year to try everything I could, and snapped a few photos in the process.


Snowmass Village is home to an up and coming must-visit MTB destination in the Summer. The town of Snowmass Village provided free entry and space in its base village for riders and exhibitors alike. It was busy scene—bikes came in from the hill and when right back out again as fast as Aaron Gwinn flying down Leogang without a chain.

Vendors like YT, Yeti, Transition, MRP, Intense, Elsworth, Commencal, Banshee, Push Industries, and others provided bikes, gear, performance enhancers (read: food), and pretty much anything else one might want for ventures on the bike.

I was able to experience all the bikes on my potential purchase list, and a few extra bike related products. My favorite product of the weekend was the Push 11-6 shock. I wasn’t alone in my decision as all of my fellow MTB friends wanted to get on one. The Push 11-6 was one of the hottest items over the weekend.

How did they know? Because people at Demo Days often straight up buy the bikes and gear they tested that day, either at local shops or online outlets.

The bike park was running fast and full, but it didn’t feel crowded.

Unless you decided to ride Valhalla trail, that is. I later dubbed that “Valhal la la la la la haze” due to all of the dust its crowds churned up.

To anyone who took some time to review any of the village’s many maps, though, it was clear the area has a plethora of trails to test a potential new whip on. Many of those trails are more trail ride oriented and better suited for those willing to sweat it out a bit.

For more vertical (and less pedaling), I recommend Vapor Trail. With its chunder and raw trail appeal, Vapor is fast, rocky, and perfect for a thorough bike or gear test.


Demo days is one of the busiest days of the summer season in Aspen / Snowmass. That’s good news for the resort, of course, but it was also awesome for me—I love to see the bike park populated with fun and like-minded people.

“We were pleasantly surprised and overwhelmed by the attendance at the Snowmass Demo Days,” said MRP Brand Manager Noah Sears, who ran a tent at the event. “We were expecting a chill, mellow and intimate events, but instead were inundated with attendees looking to try out the latest from MRP!”

The event ran from July 23-26. It gains popularity each year with locals and visitors alike, so be sure to mark your calendar for it next summer. Oh—and start saving now for all the new bike gear you’ll buy.

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Seth Beckton

Living at altitude is desired by many yet achieved by few. Feeling blessed about his current opportunities to live and work in the mountains of Aspen Colorado, Seth works hard to not waste a moment of adventure. Partaking in activities such as mountain biking, snowboarding, and back-country touring, Seth finds the need to continue pushing personal comfort zones and boundaries. An avid and passionate mountain biker and snowboarder, Seth sets his adventure goals high while maintaining a professional photography career.

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