SurvivalRenee Howard

Bear Defense: Your Best Bet At Survival

Get the inside scoop on bear defense from our Alaskan Renee Howard.

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TravelGuest Writer

See Colorado’s state parks for free

Library patrons can check out free passes to Colorado's 42 state parks through a program that is mostly unknown to the public.

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TravelMitch Harris

See NYC on horseback

Picture this: you’re on horseback on a cool day. The breeze caresses your horse’s mane as … Continued

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AdventureBrenna Stevens

“Cliff Camping” is a thing now.

One Colorado company will set you up with a night on a portaledge, no rock climbing required.

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WellnessMorris Brossette

How to Create an Unbreakable Mind

Sure, muscles are important. But when the going gets tough, you'll need the right mentality to get through. Trainer Morris Brossette shares his tips from training your brain.

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WellnessDevon Balet

Interview: Founders of Backcountry Lifeline

Shoulders of Giants Editor Devon Balet sits down with two of the founders of Backcountry Lifeline, Flynn George and Bonnie McDonald to learn more about this growing organization that is all about getting people trained in first aid.

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