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Alpine / June 13, 2016

GoPro Mountain Games: Dog Party

Written by: Devon Balet

Do you fancy four legged friends over two legged? Do you get excited whenever you see that particular breed of dog? Do you have a fury friend that is by your side for all of your adventures? Then the GoPro Mountain Games in Vail, Colorado is an event for you!

This past weekend Vail drew athletes and spectators for a weekend of fun in the mountains of Colorado. From World Cup climbing to the best of kayak freestyle paddlers to mountain bikers. The part that is probably most exciting is the sheer numbers of dogs. It seemed as though every dog within 100 miles was in Vail this weekend, enjoying the sun and fun with their owners.

We at Shoulders of Giants love our four legged friends and wanted to share part of the dog party with you. Enjoy a little Monday distraction with lots of fury smiles.

Images by Devon Balet and Roxanne Trujillo.

To see full event results, visit GoPro Mountain Games.

Happy Monday!

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Devon Balet

Born and raised in Colorado and living in the outdoors with a bike between his legs and a camera in hand, Devon discovered mountain biking after he started working at a bike shop at age 14.

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