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Climb, Cycle / May 7, 2016

Mothers: High End Threads For Your Kids?

Written by: Roxanne Trujillo

Over the years of my outdoor adrenaline seeking soul, I have learned that it truly is worth spending the cash on the good brands for outdoor clothing. The higher end brands ie; Patagonia, Arcteryx, Prana, Smartwool and many more know what they be doing! From durability, to practicality, to functionality, to style…inality. It is worth the cost!

We as adults, can justify spending the extra dough that we don’t necessarily always have, because there is this idea of “I’ll have it forever”.  Am I right? Majority of the time, that article of clothing goes to hell and back with us. We put it through the ringer with what we are capable of doing as adults, and we don’t really “grow out of” it. On top of that, those brands voice a statement. A statement basically saying that you are an adventurous spirit.

Did I mention I am a mom? Yep, I have a little 6 year old sass-a-france running circles around me. Her sassiness is so much more tolerable when she is wearing her Patagonia Synchilla pullover. That’s it, that’s all you needed to know! That’s the secret to parenting!!! Actually, get your “Raising The Perfect Child…Through Guilt and Manipulation” book back out of the trash. That was not the secret.


However, she does look very sweet in her Patagonia clothes. She has recently gotten to the age where I find buying said brands for her have become practical. As much as I wanted to buy that mini nano puff jacket in the newborn size, it made no sense. It was for looks and would only last her 3 months. If someone had gifted me that, oh you know she would be rocking it! But, I’ll admit, I put that cash toward my own nano puff fund.

My daughter now skis, like a maniac. She climbs, she hikes, she camps, she jumps, she doesn’t stop talking, she eats all my food, and she is constantly telling me how to be a mom. Therefore, I’m buying her the proper clothes to keep up with her lifestyle. When the kid is running behind you on your bike, it’s totally time to invest in high end brands! Yes, she will still grow out of the pieces quickly, as she eats like a grown man and I can literally see her growing taller, but she is putting the pieces of clothing through the ringer as well. She is skiing down blacks from 8am until 4pm and roping up outside and crushing up a v8.


“My verdict is, buy your active child a few solid pieces of clothes. ”

My daughter deserves to be comfortable, have breathability, warmth and movement in her clothing. Plus, she has to look gooood! I have noticed, that when I have her dressed properly with high end brand clothing, she lasts longer during an adventure with less complaining about being bothered by fabric. Depending on the sport, she is warmer, or cooler and much more capable of pulling some stellar stunts.

I as a mom have confidence that I have dressed my child accordingly and am at more ease while adventuring with her because I know that she too is comfortable. That’s important. My momness wants to protect her. I’m also proud of myself for dressing my kid in such a way. I have suffered through some environmental effects because I was not dressed properly. Since I have first hand knowledge of the benefits of brands such as Patagonia, Arcteryx etc. why wouldn’t I want my child to also experience comfort in the outdoors?

Now, I don’t get carried away with purchases for her, as it is definitely tempting. As are all the carbon bikes, canoes, tents, camping utensils and whiskey! I have bought her some quality pieces that I find the most practical and useful that can’t really be re-created by knock off brands. Those pieces include the Patagonia Synchilla pullover.


This guy goes everywhere with us; from the top of A Basin to the craigs of Clear Creek Canyon. Though this piece is essential in the winter, it really does get used year round. She has also had this piece for a while, it basically has grown with her. Some of Patagonia’s pieces can do that, it’s almost like the shorter it becomes on the torso the more 70’s style you become.

I have had a lot of luck finding my sassy daughter high end brand clothing at reused gear shops which make it more affordable for me as a parent. There is one here in Colorado Springs called Mountain Equipment Recyclers and I do a run through once a week. There really is an art to second hand shopping. I have picked up some solid pieces from this gear shop, all under $15.00. Man do I love finding Patagonia in used gear shops. It’s like finding an easter egg full of hundred dollar bills! Or filled with a mortgage payment! Wait, your parents don’t do that? Yea, neither do mine…

My verdict is… buy your active child a few solid pieces, even if it is all full price. BUT! Always be on the lookout for those easter eggs in re-used gear shops. Also, watch the sales on their websites, as they usually run great deals, even if the only sizes available are a few sizes too big, get it, as we all know how fast those kids grow! They will be wearing that synchilla pullover faster than you can say “Go to your room!”

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Roxanne Trujillo

Roxanne is a Coloradical single track slayer, crux seeking, pow loving, thrill taking mom of a child that's comparably wild. Armed with enthusiasm and good coffee, she devotes herself to the outdoors and keeping pace with her adorable and energetic daughter. She is an ambassador for RaceFace, a V-something climber and goes by Birdy. She fantasizes often about throwing herself, daughter, friends and bikes in a Sprinter wrapped in #canvasthetoddler and peeling out to chase the mundo hermoso.

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