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Wellness / April 24, 2016

Backpack Portables: Smoothie Bowl

Written by: Roxanne Trujillo

I hope you haven’t lost the lid to your blender, cause you are going to want it for this. At 6 am, I am the loudest person in my neighborhood, but hey, my Acai bowl is worth waking the homeskillets. Breakfast is the reason I get out of bed. Really. I stumble out of bed into my kitchen and start to clumsily, create it. I’m not the girl that eats an hour after waking or skips breakfast in general. I am stuffing my face before my eyes are fully open. I ride my mountain bike into work every morning and need the proper fuel, as it can be a 10-20 mile ride one way depending on trail closures.

My go to breakfast is what I like to call an “Acai Bowl”. Commuting requires my morning meal to leave me feeling satisfied energized and refreshed, without being weighed down. I like starting my morning with all the good hippie nutrients that wake the stomach soul. I have experimented with different meals to see how my ride is effected. Eggs and toast, nah ah. Bowl of oats… uh huh. Acai bowl, awwww yeeeea!


Prep Time : Faster than you can brush your teeth. Habit and routine will allow for efficiency in preparing meals.

½ a frozen banana, about ¾ cup

½ frozen Acai pack

½ cup frozen raspberries

½ cup frozen blueberries

¼-½ Avocado

1 Amazing Grass pack. Flavors I like best : Goji & Acai berry, Watermelon

8 oz Vanilla Almond milk


Pour smoothie ingredients into your favorite bowl and top with the following :

Granola, goji berries, glazed pecans, hemp seeds, banana slices


Tips :

-I buy a bundle of bananas, peel them all, slice them up and put in a gallon size ziplock bag and place in the freezer. This saves on prep time.

– An avocado creates creaminess and thickness.

-Frozen bananas create creaminess and thickness

– Sometimes I switch out blueberries with frozen mangos

-If I’m out of frozen Acai packs, I make sure to use the Amazing Grass Goji & Acai powder pack.


Add ins :

Red Maca Powder

Almond butter

Chia seeds

Hemp protein powder


Followed by a cup of coffee an hour later, and my bicycle. Zoom zoom!

about the author

Roxanne Trujillo

Roxanne is a Coloradical single track slayer, crux seeking, pow loving, thrill taking mom of a child that's comparably wild. Armed with enthusiasm and good coffee, she devotes herself to the outdoors and keeping pace with her adorable and energetic daughter. She is an ambassador for RaceFace, a V-something climber and goes by Birdy. She fantasizes often about throwing herself, daughter, friends and bikes in a Sprinter wrapped in #canvasthetoddler and peeling out to chase the mundo hermoso.

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