WellnessKevin Linderman

When You Realize You Are Just…Average

I can't stomach the thought of falling somewhere along the middle of the bell curve. Well, when it comes to racing, I have to admit... I am average.

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WellnessRoxanne Trujillo

Backpack Portables: Smoothie Bowl

At 6 am, I am the loudest person in my neighborhood, but hey, my Acai bowl is worth waking the home skillets. I’m not the girl that eats an hour after waking or skips breakfast in general. I am stuffing my face before my eyes are fully open.

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WellnessRoxanne Trujillo

The Art of Getting Back Up After You Fall

When you are learning the ropes, it's going to suck. You are going to fall. What you do after that is more important than anything else.

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AlpineDevon Balet

Forsake Hiker- Have Hiking Boots Changed?

The traditional hiking boot hasn't worked for me since a bad accident to my ankle. For anyone seeking hiking boots that can be used off the trail and not be cumbersome to travel with take a peek at the Forsake Hiker.

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WellnessEric Hockman

Campfire Gourmet: Citrus Salmon a la Moab

Trust me when I say, this meal was worthy of any food critic’s most discerning taste buds.

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AlpineMatt Minich

3 adventure hookup sites

We've rounded up three hookup sites for outdoor adventurers seeking to expand their social circle for trips across the world or just across town.

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CycleRoxanne Trujillo

The Painful Consequences of Losing Your Shoes

Being an athlete has taught me many things about life, myself and that outside is free after spending $10,000. It has also proven that my risk of an injury is high. Being an injured athlete is never an easy place to be.

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