AlpineEric Hockman

Product review: Voile split board skins tail clip kit

When it comes to backgountry gear, reliability and functionality are typically at the top of most users’ priority lists. Shoulders of Giants puts the Voile split board (or skis) to the test. See how they performed.

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CycleAndrew Winohradsky

Flat Pedals vs Clips?

Conventional bike wisdom holds that noobies ride with flat pedals, while the experienced clip in. But it's not that simple.

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AlpinePhil Lindeman

A day at Keystone with FATMAP, the 3D ski map

Shoulders of Giants give the new FATMAP app a spin at our old friend Keystone Mountain to see how it performs.

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FishEric Billips

Spearfishing 101

Jump on our shoulders to get an overview of the fastest growing adventure sport, spear fishing.

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SurvivalAndrew Slaton

Winter Camping/ Survival Basics

Ever camped in -20F? Ever slept on 6 feet of snow? Ever try to boil water when it's frozen? Winter camping is tough, but it's not impossible. In fact, you can even find some comfort when camping well below freezing.

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