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Adventure, Alpine / March 1, 2016

Product review: Voile split board skins tail clip kit

Written by: Eric Hockman

When it comes to backgountry gear, reliability and functionality are typically at the top of most users’ priority lists. Luckily for splitboarders, Voile’ Manufacturing has been in the game of engineering and producing bomber backcountry equipment for over 35 years. Needless to say, they know a thing or two about making reliable gear.

Splitboarders with an early version of Voile’s climbing skins without tail clips can now collectively breathe a sigh of relief, because the masters of bullet-proof gear now have a solution. In comes the Voile’ Splitboard Skins Tail Clip kit. New for the 15/16’ season, Voile’ has brought their latest climbing skins to the front lines with the kit pre-installed, but with the option of installing the new tail clips on earlier generation skins.

What comes in the kit you ask? Falling in line with Voile’s notorious reputation for reliability, no expense was spared with this setup. The kit comes complete with tried and true urethane Voile’ straps, aluminum tail clips, and rugged riveted tail attachments to keep things secure when the conditions turn south. Installation is made easy via a step-by-step set of detailed instructions, a bit of patience, and a can of your favorite beverage. The kit took about an hour to install and dial in the strap tension. While the longest process was patiently hammering the rivets and burning the rivet holes, it was well worth the time invested. The cost of this kit rings in at a flat $50 USD, and is worth every penny.

Using tail clips in the field. After 4 seasons or so without a set of tail clips on my climbing skins, it was time to breathe some life back into them. As progression goes, I’m travelling farther out than ever before, so having skins that will remain in place on longer missions are necessary. On each tour I have used these on, the clips have kept the skins from slipping or buckling beneath my board, allowing my mind to focus on other important variables. Mounting your skins to the bottom of your splitty remains the same from step one, with the final step of pulling the urethane ski strap taught and positioning the tail clip over the edges of the ski halves. The urethane straps have about 12 ¼” of adjustability, so one set of skins can be used on different lengths of boards in your quiver. Additionally, this kit makes a great replacement option for other skins on the market that do not have pre-installed tail clips.


On top of the benchmark standard they have set in the backcountry equipment world, Voile’ has provided nothing but positive customer service interactions with me any time I have reached out to them. It is also worth mentioning that 98% of Voile’s gear is manufactured in Salt Lake City, UT, which gives them the ability to build, test, and refine each and every piece of gear they manufacture right in the heart of the Wasatch range.

The bottom line: Keep your climbing skins in check by installing the Voile’ Splitboard Skins Tail Clip kit and keep on climbing… all day long. You won’t be sorry you did.

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Eric Hockman

From epic backcountry journeys on the mountain bike to splitboarding tours through snow-covered peaks, Eric constantly craves what’s just around the bend. A professional ski tuner and cycling mechanic by trade, he now works for a local cycling company in Golden, where he takes off on the weekends and maxes out his vacation schedule, seeking adventures around the mountains of Colorado and other regions of the country.

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