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Adventure, Travel / February 12, 2016

America’s very best glampsites

Written by: Anna Baldwin

It’s popular to hate on glamping: the practice of “camping” in luxury yurts, tents, or cabins with running water, king-sized beds and down pillows.

But we never knock something before we’ve tried it. So this week, we called up our friends at They operate a sort of AirBnB/VRBO for the glamping set—a searchable database of the world’s best luxury campsites.

With their help, we rounded up three of the coolest glampsites in the U.S.

Tree house – Santa Cruz, CA ($138/night)


Even if your dad did build you a treehouse, we’re willing to bet it wasn’t like this one. Perched in a Sequoia forest in the Santa Cruz Mountains, this eco-friendly spot contains a bed, a complete kitchen, and a full bathroom (with water, of course).

The tree trunk itself runs through the living room, where guests can enjoy the provided book and DVD collection. A hot tub is located at the base of the trees, and the surfing, sunbathing, and boating of Monterey Bay is just 25 minutes way.

If you go: A stay in the treehouse costs just $138/night, and a 2-night minimum stay is required on weekends. Linens are provided, and well-behaved dogs are allowed (they’re hard to get into the house, though). You’ll want a flashlight for the walk through the trees. 

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Safari Tents – Ithaca, NY ($201/night)


Ernest Hemingway’s safari tents probably didn’t have wood floors, a private balcony, and a king-sized bed. They also weren’t surrounded by trails, waterfalls, and vineyards. But hey… look what happened to him.

Just miles from a trailhead in New York’s Finger Lakes region, these safari tents are designed to offer nighttime comfort to active hikers. The tents don’t have electricity, but a continental breakfast and daily wine happy hour make up for that.

If you go: Tent configurations include king, queen, and 2 double beds—each costs $201/night. Children are an additional $25 per night. All linens are provided, and there is a 2-night minimum stay on weekends.

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Desert Tents – Moab, UT ($197/night)

The deserts around Moab have long been a haven for super-inspired freaks of all kinds, from the folks who BASE jumped off a glorified spider web to Ed Abbey, who wrote his environmental masterpiece after a nine-month stint with the USFS.

It’s a cool environment, but it’s also a harsh one. So when we slightly-less-than-super-inspired choose to visit for a weekend, it’s nice to know there are comfortable accommodations. Like a set of desert tents that hold king-sized beds and sofas.

If you go: A two-person stay in each tent costs $197 per night. Cots are available for up to two additional guests for $25 per night each. Guests have access to a fire pit, barbecue, and a shared camp-style bathroom with hot showers. Linens are provided.

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Anna Baldwin

Anna Baldwin is a part-time writer, part-time web developer and full time skier in Boulder, Colorado. She enjoys exploring her state during epic multi-sport days with her adorable German Shepherd mix.

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