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Endurance, Wellness / February 3, 2016

Video: Corrective Mobility Movements – Part 2

Written by: Morris Brossette

Here is another series of movements that applies to athletes of any sport and/or outdoor adventurer.  Heading out for a training day, race, or adventure requires you to function at your highest capacity.   Use the moves in this video to get you ready for whatever you’re about to tackle.

“For this series, I recommend flowing through 1-2 sets of 10 repetitions of each movement. ”

To get the most of this, or any mobility series, you need to move with your breath.  Each movement is started by an inhale or exhale.  Here is my recommendation for your breath:

  • Deep Squat- exhale on the way down, take a deep inhale once at the bottom
  • Walk out- exhale
  • Cobra- inhale as you press up & exhale on the way down
  • Push up- inhale
  • Push back to Deep Squat- exhale
  • Stand and Reach- deep inhale
  • Down Dog- exhale
  • High Hurdle Stretch- inhale
  • Trunk Twist- exhale


For this series, I recommend flowing through 1-2 sets of 10 repetitions of each movement.  Feel free to do more if you are more tight/sore than normal.  I use this specific series as the first part of every workout I do, but especially prior to an obstacle race.  This series is particularly good for improving hip and hamstring mobility that is needed for many of the obstacles you will face in a race.  Give it a try and let us know what you think.

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Morris Brossette

Morris “Mo” Brossette grew up running, hiking, biking, and basically living everyday in the woods. Each day was a new adventure of building forts, exploring new areas, and even as a child, creating obstacle courses and other physical challenges to build strength and fitness.

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